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Outdoor Media Still Strong!

Outdoor media communications is the oldest in the history of marketing and advertising. It starts from ancient times when man used to live caves. They used the cave walls and rocks to display the letters and art at that time. From then onwards, the concept originated and with the passage of time and advancement in education, knowledge and technology, it is still used as one of the very effective mediums for marketing communications by companies big and small...

Print Media is Perceived as Authentic!

Print media communications started when people wanted to write on leaves and clothes and then the invention of paper and ink. This revolutionized the print world. With the invention of printing press, the world never looked back and it changed it forever.

Written words have always been the true and authentic source of information in this world. Perhaps it is because that God Almighty has used this medium to communicate with the rest of the world till its final end. We know the God due to these Holy books...

Electronic Media is TV, Radio and Cinema!

Electronic Media is the true sign of modern age which only became possible due to advancement in technology.  The wireless waves as well as fiber optic cable made it possible to watch TV sitting at home and listen to radio. When this advancement had made possible then only started the battle for developing the audio and video content. Technology had done its part, now; the creative people had to do their part to continuously create the content which should be interesting and sticky...

Your Smart Phone is the Mobile Media Device!

The power of mobile media started with the arrival of smart phones.  The first phase of mobile phones comprised simple hard digits mobile phones which mostly were only for incoming and outgoing calls with few features like phone numbers saving and directory and the caller ID function. This was early 1990s era.

Now in the 21st century and especially the post 2010, things have drastically changed(better or worse, it may be entirely upto you). But certainly when we are talking about the functionality and refinement in the technology, it is fair to say that mobile phone has been converted into mobile media...


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