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Arts and Entertainment Information Products have a connection with your heart & soul!

Arts and Entertainment relates to Body, Mind and Soul – all are important to remain in perfect harmony for a fulfilling life. It can’t be all work, work and work. There has to be some play time too. That is the reason the field of arts and entertainment exists in the world. And we all need to relax our mind, unwind, and take certain pauses to wipe away the stress, anxiety and strain from our bodies and mind. Good music, movies, and arts help to do that. We get pulled towards it, we may know it or not.

The popularity  phenomena of the musical bands like Beatle, ABBA, Beegees, Boney M; movies like Godfather, Ben Hur, Superman, Gladiator, Troy; novels like Beautiful Mind, War & Peace, Master of Game, Pillars of the Earth; and thousand more such examples are those which have created big stirs in the world. Those few hours, whether it is one hour of watching a movie, or 12 hours of reading a novel, helps us rejuvenate, and we feel special sensations and undergo unique mental and soul stirring experiences. When we come back to work, we feel refreshed and fully charged up again and during the course probably we sometimes have learned little bit more because many such info products have educational value too.

The grand motive of arts & entertainment has been to appeal to the heart and soul. The history of Arts & Entertainment starts from the time immemorial when humankind used to live in caves even at the time they depicted their art through the cave walls and rocks and also with the help of primitive musical instruments.

The field of arts and entertainment has progressed a lot and it is global. It has no boundaries. The artiste can be from any country. He just has to show his or her talents to the world and what better can be the medium than the internet of today’s times, where everyone has a chance to come up with the talents and show it to the world. We have seen many ordinary people rising to great stars and becoming millionaires through YouTube and similarly through many other media.

Internet is truly democratic. There is no concept of big and small. Both have equal playing field. It all depends upon the individual talent, hard work and persistence to run to the finish line.

Through internet we see movies, we listen to music, we can buy arts, and any product for our hobbies and also get connected with the creators too.

IdeasBeat brings to you very selected and most interesting arts & entertainment information products and resources which can help to add value in your life to make you feel good.


Piano for All

The promise of piano for all seems like farfetched, but  here goes my most favorite line…

They All Laughed When I sat at the Piano!

But When I started to play….

It was long time back, when Johnny developed a fascination with the piano in his college days. Just tried few lessons and then never turned back figuring out that it was not his cup of tea.

Thirty years passed by. He kept moving on with life - a good stable job, family with grown up kids, sort of settled in life.

But whenever the sound of piano rings in his ears it runs like a shiver down his spine. Just cannot help not to get pulled and listen to  it.

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