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Business Development Information Products has helped small businesses to grow to big businesses!

Business Development Information Products are those which help businesses to grow and improve on a continuous basis.

Big businesses are those who mostly have put in 50 years and more in what they are doing best. These are the big multinational companies like Nestle, Unilever, P& G, Coke, Pepsi, Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Standard Charted Bank, Citibank and many more.  They have huge resources in terms of capital, revenue and human capital. They can buy anything and they are very structured and keep on growing and improving since they have professional teams and continuous trainings.

The case of small & medium sized businesses (SMEs) is different. They either recently started 1 to 10 years back, have limited resources in terms of capital, revenue and human capital. They cannot afford to get into which does not help much to earn more. Every penny is important for them. They do not have in-house resources and experts for anything. They mostly rely on outside help for various professional tasks.

Interesting aspect is that many of the business development sciences as applied in big companies can also be applied in SMEs and they can also benefit, but most of SMEs are not aware of nor they want to learn about it since they have a perception that those are very expensive learning to buy from the experts. This may not be always the case.

However, those few SMEs who are smart to learn about the solutions, they do buy and adopt various new concepts, technologies and processes in order to take advantage of the modern times. And these are the companies who progress fast even being small and mostly overtake others in their niche.

I know one local bakery who for the last 30 years has been sitting in our local market doing the same business in mostly the same way not much of expansion and improvement. On the other hand, I also witnessed the entry of another bakery recently that did things slightly differently and expanded with great speed and totally captured the major market share. Well I can’t confidently say that it was just luck or fluke by chance, I am quite sure, lot of planning and hard work might have been put into to achieve those results.

We usually see lots of small businesses coming and packing up in a year or two. That is generally a global phenomenon in all parts of the world. I think once the business sustains and survive the first 5 years, it is very much on the road to growth. From there onwards it should find new ways to think out of box and improve the status quo.

In today’s age of internet, learning and knowing about new ways of improvement and finding solutions is in not a problem anymore. The case studies and examples of thousands of companies big and samall are available at the click of a mouse. Several local and global consulting companies are extending their services at very affordable manner.

Most important in any small business is the passion behind the business by the entrepreneur. This is one of the most important ingredients for the long term success of the any small business which can grow to medium and then to big. Many businesses get started by accident and by situational lucrative opportunities, once the times change and the profits decrease, the interest also gets evaporated by the entrepreneur and they start looking elsewhere. This is one of main flaws and a reason for failures as well.

IdeasBeat  brings to some of the most selected and handpicked Business Development Information Products which will benefit you in many ways if you have your own business or managing a business.

One Stop Online Business Solution

The beauty of Online Business is that it is not limited to one city or country, it is global. This is the power which is mostly underestimated by many. It is boon to all those small and medium companies who want to showcase their products & services that can be seen not only within the country, but by several thousands of people sitting outside the country as well.

But there is a problem. Many common people, who may be doing a business, do not have the skills to bring their business online. But the help is of course just clicks away. Everything can be learned and applied or even outsourced.

We bring to you one of the best resources on Online Business Development and to learn about it in the comfort of your own home.

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