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Its Your Right Brain That's Pulling You To Creative Careers

If you feel pulled towards creative careers then you have a special inclination for it. Choosing the right career is the first important thing in life. But have you wondered why?

Psychologists say there are two brains, right and left. Right brain is more aligned with intuition, arts, emotions, feelings. Left brain is more logical and data driven.

We see people working in various practical fields some are fit and some are misfits.

Creative Careers are on the Right side of brain. It requires thought, feelings, and emotions to produce something, which hard data and logical minds may not fully understand.

All artists, musicians, actors, filmmakers, poets are on the right side of brain. Whereas scientists, mathematicians, economists, statisticians, doctors, lawyers, accountants and bankers live on the left side of brain.

Where you want to live ?

This Ideasbeat website brings you some of the carefully selected resources and education to make it easy to select the right creative career choice for you.

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What some creative careers are like...

  • Becoming e a Writer
  • Becoming a Photographer
  • Becoming a Filmmaker
  • Becoming a Musician
  • Becoming a Singer
  • Becoming a Songwriter
  • Becoming an Actor
  • Becoming a Painter
  • Becoming a Sculptor
  • Becoming an Animator
  • Entrepreneur (it's is a mix of both right & left brain)
  • And many more...
SME Business

It is important to know and note that most of the time, all of us use both our brains in our daily lives, (right & left), However, the division is only based on the pretext that few area or fields are primarily dominated by one side of the brain. Though there may be times when writer has to maintain his daily discipline and logs of his writes and rewrites and critical analysis in order to stay organized and to improve. Such activities may pertain to left brain side.

Therefore, you should not always rule out the role of the other side of brain. We are born with two sides of brain and are meant to use it both. However, some of us are very good at using one side and usually excel in it and it may come naturally, just like using our right hand naturally for right handed person and left hand for the left handed person. Otherwise, he or she may have to struggle to write from the other hand and it takes effort and more hard work.

So it is always better that why not to first find out what we are really inclined to and then choose the right career what we are meant to be.

IdeasBeat is primarily focusing on the’ right brain’ side professions because of the two reasons. So far less attention has been given to these and secondly, I am also right mind dominated person, I love creative fields and have struggled to move myself from Banking Operations to Marketing Communications after 10 years of struggle and effort and I always loved to write and express but perhaps didn’t know it fully what I wanted (Dilemma for most of us!)

On this website, you may browse the areas of creative careers which you feel pulled towards and get to know more about them and to know how you take a next step forward.

For very dream, aspiration and wish requires lot of hard work, sweat and meticulous planning before we are able to see the fruit. We may see lots of success in the world but we do not see the mount of hard work and failures someone underwent before they got successful.

The most important thing about success is learning to stay persistence and open for continuous learning.

All the creative careers which we are listing here cannot be mastered with one click of button or in a way that just can be bought overnight. It requires buying that learning from the masters, spending time to absorb it practice and applying the craft. That is where the rubber hits the road and dreams become reality.

Stay motivated and dream always…

Zed Aey