Electronic Media

Electronic Media is TV, Radio and Cinema!

Electronic Media is the true sign of modern age which only became possible due to advancement in technology.  The wireless waves as well as fiber optic cable made it possible to watch TV sitting at home and listen to radio. When this advancement had made possible then only started the battle for developing the audio and video content. Technology had done its part, now; the creative people had to do their part to continuously create the content which should be interesting and sticky.

Hundred of TV channels started appearing; news channels, business channels, sports, music, movies, religious as well as geography, animals and children dedicated channels.

People watch these channels worldwide just sitting at home.  Creative companies are now continuously creating content. The race for good content is the basis for achieving good rating for the channels.

This is one of the reasons we see lots of music videos, soaps, plays, movies, talk shows, etc on the TV. These are especially made keeping in view the public taste, demand and interest.

Similarly, radio has its own audience, and now mostly it is mobile, on the go, sitting in the cars, commuting from one place to another and listening to various talk shows, music and announcements on the road.

The third sub medium is cinema which plays features movies, and people come and pay to watch these block buster movies.

With the advent and popularity of these mediums amongst people, there arose an opportunity for the business world to reach to these audiences with their products and services.

Advertising world picked up fast and started producing creative and innovative ads, advertorials and video documentaries to show it to the people who watch it and get informed in the convenience of their homes.  This has resulted in creating big brands and very positive responses by the masses who with the awareness of the brands and the products and services, they psychologically feel pulled towards those brands to buy those products.

To use these mediums effectively by the business world, it requires some art and science skills. That is why some specialized advertising agencies as well as marketing communication consultancies come in the picture who tend to understand the business needs better and help create such material and then buy the respective space in the electronic media to run those corporate communications which may be in the form of ads, documentaries or sometimes product placements in the feature movies and plays.

Electronic media by industry standard is the most expensive form of promotion and advertising because the companies need to buy the air space through which they are able to send their message to millions sitting at home. In one way it is the most powerful medium but expensive too. That is why some expert care is required to develop a well thought out media plan before its execution. And it is also important to assess its performance after the execution. With the help of analysis part, it can provide the insights about what worked and what didn’t, and accordingly what that will require to be modified next time.

Electronic Media if not used carefully can be disastrous for the company but if used strategically and intelligently it can build great brands.