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IdeasBeat is a publisher and marketer of information products. It is a new age multimedia publishing house.

We find and research various niche markets and publish information products and services. We also collaborate with selected affiliate partners to market and present their products and services.

It all starts with an idea for your next publication or production. But idea alone never has done any wonders unless it goes through some regular system and methods to convert that idea into reality.

We make it simple and easy for amateur and professional writers and multimedia producers to do it on their own.

We provide you all relevant tools and training in a simple and easy way to develop and build your idea into a book, ebook, or any other new age multimedia format like audio book, video documentary, etc.

SME Business


Every person who ever has aspired to write or to produce something, it has some passion seeds somewhere. But the adverse side of harsh reality is that more than 90% of such ideas and initiatives fail due to several reasons. One of these is the lack of proper system and disciplined approach with commitment.

The project should be built on solid foundation with long term vision and commitment which is actual hard to find. But for those very few who does it in a proper way, they get the fruits in the long run.

Online Multimedia Publishing

IdeasBeat is passionate about providing useful and quality information products and services with turnkey solutions. But it may not be for everyone. Only those to whom computers come easy and can communicate and write well, for them multimedia publishing can do wonders and can change the world for them.

Web world is rich with such inspirational stories.

Online Multimedia Publishing has many advantages, the dream to be your own boss, no more daily grind of 9 to 5 job. The freedom to do your own work on your own terms, managing it from anywhere in the world and of course very less money investment.

But such dream is not easy to achieve. Nothing great in this world have been achieved overnight. There are no quick fixes and get rich schemes. The only route to stable success is through the hard work, commitment and perseverance.

If you determine and commit for the success, then IdeasBeat will provide you with all the related info products, services and solutions. Even we will research the ideas profitability for you, which is feasible idea to start and can help to succeed.

Marketing of information products involve knowing about the external customers. They are always changing and it is the most difficult part to ever know about these changing consumer behaviors. But certainly there are several tools and resources to obtain such customers’ insights.

Publishing experts are always writing and communicating for the intended and targeted audiences. They have to know them deeply, their interests, motivations, habits, age, gender, occupation and as many things as possible. This knowledge helps to plan the marketing communications which can have the right impact on these audiences. And the customers should be driven to take the desired actions.

The most powerful medium and tool in the marketing domain is the ‘direct response marketing communications’. This clearly differentiates from the normal corporate or image advertising.  This goes deep and hit the aspirations and motivations of the potential prospects and persuades them to take the action immediately by ordering the product there and then.

IdeasBeat website provides many simple but effective publishing tools and resources for all kinds of businesses including small and very small businesses and even those aspiring writers who intend to publish something based on their passions, talents and skills but are still unsure what to do and how to do it.

If you are aspiring writer or a professional writer then  we do hope this humble straight forward resource rich website will help to add few cents of value addition for your professional dreams and visions and as well as its execution.

At the same time, we also find diverse ideas, thoughts and trends, and then we do our own research and package it into useful niche information products in the form of books, ebooks, as well as multimedia products (including Audio & video).

We love the power of the web and diversity of ideas and creativity which internet has to offer to all of us. 

Internet is primarily an information super highway. Those who are able to understand this aspect can very easily tame it to their advantage. 

Web is really democratic in letter and spirit. It is by the people, for the people and of the people. And it is a true hub of diverse and creative ideas and knowledge scattered all over the web from all parts of the world in the shape of many interesting niche information products and services which we all may not find in our local physical stores.

But at the same time, web is also becoming a vast and deep ocean of information clutter. All search engines including Google are struggling to provide the best links with quality information for our needs.

The Quantity vs. Quality dilemma is fast picking up its pace. It’s not quantity of information or the quantity of products and services which consumers may want, but in the end, it’s all about quality, though we may realize or not.

As we believe that ‘Less is More’ is the right motto and focus in today’s fast growing information jungle. But it’s easier said than done. It’s really a challenge to research and come up with quality products and services first time.

We will try to do our best to follow this principle and to provide you with the selected but quality and useful info products, services, tools and solutions related to multimedia publishing which can be beneficial in some way for you.

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Piano For All

The promise of piano for all seems like farfetched, but  here goes my most favorite line…

They All Laughed When I sat at the Piano!

But When I started to play….

It was long time back, when Johnny developed a fascination with the piano in his college days. Just tried few lessons and then never turned back figuring out that it was not his cup of tea.

Thirty years passed by. He kept moving on with life - a good stable job, family with grown up kids, sort of settled in life.

But whenever the sound of piano rings in his ears it runs like a shiver down his spine. Just cannot help not to get pulled and listen to  it.

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Eliminate Your Diabetes

Well it was quite ignorant of me about ‘diabetes’ as per all the doctors and experts in the world. But now I never wanted to know it since I was confident that I don’t need those doctors and experts anymore.  Just like a small child hiding something underneath the clothes and thinking that they don’t know it, I remain confident secretly that I will have my way, no matter what…

I had something which perhaps 10 years back was not there - the solution that can help to eliminate the diabetes.

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