Mobile Media

Your Smart Phone is the Mobile Media Device!

The power of mobile media started with the arrival of smart phones.  The first phase of mobile phones comprised simple hard digits mobile phones which mostly were only for incoming and outgoing calls with few features like phone numbers saving and directory and the caller ID function. This was early 1990s era.

Now in the 21st century and especially the post 2010, things have drastically changed (better or worse, it may be entirely upto you). But certainly when we are talking about the functionality and refinement in the technology, it is fair to say that mobile phone has been converted into mobile media.

The arrival of smart phones and the feature rich functionality has made it possible to term it as mobile media world.  Along with came the smart phone software applications which help to perform many user friendly functions like calculator, contacts, addresses,  emails, and what not… Along with came up the revolutionary tech power from Apple and Google who brought their rival products the Apple iphones and Google Android powered mobile phones.

Now, the world is mostly divided into these two big groups, the third group is windows enabled phones which has very less market share.

Smart phones now have lots of functionality and they are connected with the internet. This makes them a sort of extension of the web media. We can now watch video, listen to audio, read ebooks, online magazines, etc.

In addition, the power of the mobile apps has now started empowering the companies to reach to this smart media. People without going to the company website can easily connect through the mobile app on their smart phone. This is usually more user friendly and fast and serves the specific purposes which the customers may want it.

These smart mobile apps are now the powerful pieces of software, which independent software companies can make for anyone on paid basis. Companies then market these software apps through the itunes store by Apple and playstore by Google to download on their mobile smart phones. And then onwards, they may remain connected with the company and inquire what they like or even order any product and service through the mobile app.

Mobile apps are very powerful in the mobile media world. In addition to the normal functionality, these mobile apps also help companies to promote various seasonal offers and discounts.  This helps to make it a very powerful marketing medium as well.

In order to use this marketing medium effectively, some meticulous strategic planning is always required. The quality of mobile app, its functionality and its marketing strength makes the mobile app successful. Moreover,  the mobile apps also have the power to measure the user data and the response behavior  which the users tend to take. This serves as a very good marketing insight in order to plan for the future products and services.

As it became essential for the companies to have its own website sometime back, whether the company was small or big, now it is also becoming important to have its own mobile app, so that the company may remain connected with its users and customers.