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IdeasBeat primarily is an online store which presents specialized niche products and services.

We find, research and present handful of selective quality products and services. Our core strength is ‘simplicity’ and belief in ‘less is more’. We strongly believe in quality products and services. 

In affiliation with quality companies and vendors, we offer quality products and services through IdeasBeat platform.

Niche Products are specialized and exclusive products based on common interest markets. Most also come in the form of digital products can be downloaded from the internet. It can be a pdf ebook, powerpoint training, video tutorial, some audio books, audio webinars, as well as software. 

SME Business

The biggest advantage of internet in present times is the power of e-products and services. You do not have to leave your home, you can instantly purchase and download. 

By the way, digital niche products are also called ‘green products’ since they are environment friendly, and they do not need hard physical resources like paper , ink and other packaging material to manufacture it and transport it. Similarly, email medium is also a digital communication medium since it helps to save trees. 

In one way, it is our responsibility to encourage the e-products usage in our lives. It is also a good news that recently Amazon reported that its ebooks sales have surpassed the hard cover books sales for the first time in book sales history. 

making useful information products

IdeasBeat also brings many independent authors, trainers, vendors who are also sharing their knowledge, wisdom and experiences through eBooks and eCourses.

At the same time, we also find diverse ideas, thoughts and trends, and then we do our own research and package it into useful niche information products in the form of books, ebooks, as well as multimedia products (including Audio & video).

We love the power of the web and diversity of ideas and creativity which internet has to offer to all of us. 

Internet is primarily an information super highway. Those who are able to understand this aspect can very easily tame it to their advantage. 

Web is really democratic in letter and spirit. It is by the people, for the people and of the people. And it is a true hub of diverse and creative ideas and knowledge scattered all over the web from all parts of the world in the shape of many interesting niche information products and services which we all may not find in our local physical stores.

But at the same time, web is also becoming a vast and deep ocean of information clutter. All search engines including Google are struggling to provide the best links with quality information for our needs.

The Quantity vs. Quality dilemma is fast picking up its pace. It’s not quantity of information or the quantity of products and services which consumers may want, but in the end, it’s all about quality, though we may realize or not.

As we believe that ‘Less is More’ is the right motto and focus in today’s fast growing information jungle. But it’s easier said than done. It’s really a challenge to research and come up with quality niche products and services first time.

We will try to do our best to follow this principle and to provide you with the selected but quality and useful niche products which can be beneficial in some way for your personal and professional lives.

Be Better Informed & Live Well!