Print Media Communications

Print Media is Perceived as Authentic!

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Print media communications started when people wanted to write on leaves and clothes and then the invention of paper and ink. This revolutionized the print world. With the invention of printing press, the world never looked back and it changed it forever.

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Written words have always been the true and authentic source of information in this world. Perhaps it is because that God Almighty has used this medium to communicate with the rest of the world till its final end. We know the God due to these Holy books.

Written words once printed, are not possible to erase it or to change it by any individual. Perhaps this also makes it more authentic.

The written words actually started the concept of ‘mass medium’ through the invention of newspapers and magazines.  Earlier there used to be just few hundreds and now in today’s times, there are hundreds of thousands of printed publications on daily basis.  It is a human need to know about its surrounding and what is going on in the world. This need is being fulfilled by hundreds of daily, weekly and monthly publications all over the world.

The publishing companies first capitalized on this human need and demand which they filled with the news stories. Then came up the business people who now wanted to reach to the maximum people to market and sell their products and services. The newspapers and magazines became a very natural medium for them to use it to reach their audiences and in return the publishing companies wanted that money to continue publishing the publications. So it was a kind a marriage made in heaven.

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Print Media communication is now a billion dollar industry. All big medium and small companies use this medium to advertise their products and services and they get huge responses by the mass. Print marketing communications not only serve its own intended purpose, rather they also act as an education medium to inform the people about the new products and services which were perhaps blind to them initially but they wanted it somehow because such products and services many a time do serve productive purposes in the life of the consumers. So when they don’t know, they can’t act on it, and they can’t improve their lives.

So in my opinion it is always a win-win-win situation. The publishing company benefits by making money, the consumer benefits by getting to know about the products and services which can help them in some way and eventually the advertisers and companies benefit who experience increase in their sales and revenues and if the products and services are really good and served the right purpose then of course it helps to increase the customers satisfaction too.