Professional Development

Professional Development helps you to become the master of your own craft

Professional Development helps you to improve your skills in your professional field or whatever work you choose to do.

Few learn by listening, and most of us learn by doing things and applying skills. But how do we learn and acquire new skills. That is the first link on the chain. Long time back, I was studying Economics in College, I could not learn much in my first year, because I could not fully understand the way teacher taught me. I gradually started losing interest and my grades started deteriorating. And then luckily I had a change of teacher in my second year and whole thing turned around. I started knowing more about Economics for the first time and my grades started improving.

I realized well at that time, that its less about the curriculum and more about the person responsible for imparting the learning. That counts a lot. Five different teachers or educators may have different ways of teaching and imparting the learning and knowledge. It is quite possible that only one may have the right student centric approach who will make an effort to get down to the student level and will bring him up in a step by step manner so that he or she gets the real learning imparted.

For any professional development skills which we want to apply, we should be concerned about both the quality of the material and the quality of teaching. It should always be user friendly and student centric to get the best results.

Internet has brought a revolution in the field of information and upgrading your learning skills. There was a time, when anyone had to find a teacher, or an institute to go to that place physically and learn in a formal environment. This is no more required. You can imagine about any skill in the world and can easily learn sitting at home with your own pace. I used to learn piano in the past while going to piano tutor twice a week,  20 kilometers away from my house and I could not pursue for long due to other priorities coming in between. But my son now has learned piano better than me just sitting at home through the internet. This is the power of internet. But I guess most of the people are not using it well to advance their careers.

Whether you want to play guitar, sing, act, or want to become real estate agent, or want to take professional photographs, want to shoot films, want to become a career counselor, résumé writer, or even a novel writer, every learning from the masters is available on the internet at the most affordable cost than what you will do in any academy or institute.

But please do remember that learning about something and not applying it is like a doctor and lawyer who studied for 6 years but then changed the professional line and never applied it.

IdeasBeat finds and brings to you some of the selected professional development products which will help you acquire your chosen professional improvement skills in various ways. We hope you will get good benefit out of and will excel in your selected craft.

Piano for All

The promise of piano for all seems like farfetched, but  here goes my most favorite line…

They All Laughed When I sat at the Piano!

But When I started to play….

It was long time back, when Johnny developed a fascination with the piano in his college days. Just tried few lessons and then never turned back figuring out that it was not his cup of tea.

Thirty years passed by. He kept moving on with life - a good stable job, family with grown up kids, sort of settled in life.

But whenever the sound of piano rings in his ears it runs like a shiver down his spine. Just cannot help not to get pulled and listen to  it.

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Trick Photography

Learn the insiders tricks of the photography world. This professional course can help you to achieve the command on photography in much shorter time than in any other course. You can complete it on your own pace just sitting at home enjoying a cup of coffee. 

This photography course will reveal such tricks which are so interesting, fun and entertaining that people will love to see and get amazed and would always be curious to know how you did it.

You can have this confidence that this course will lead you to much higher grounds than you will do it without it.

You need to test drive it.

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