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Web Media is the most cost effective medium!

With the arrival of internet and continuous advancement in technology, web media has come up as a very sophisticated and refined medium which no company or even individual can afford to ignore it.

There was a time, probably in 1980s, when I used to look at the business cards and could not think of not seeing the landline phone number, fax number and address. Then in the next stage, in mid 1990s onwards, one had to mention the cell phone number as well for the easy reach. And now after 2010, business card has to mention the website url (address) and the email address. If you don’t have it, it will be easily perceived that either the company is very old fashioned or is very small, who could not even build its own company website and have no human resource to maintain it.

This perception in today’s time is very detrimental and damaging. But I still wonder, many small and even big companies do not realize it. They keep on doing things the old fashioned way and leave lots of potential customers and business away.

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But with the continuous awareness, I guess with every passing year, there is an increase for all kinds of companies to come on the web and use this medium to their advantage.

But unlike the other traditional mediums like outdoor, print and electronic, web media have its own dynamics and some learning curve.  Without proper insight and understanding, one cannot reap the best results. The most important and powerful attribute of web media is that it is a measurable medium. Whatever efforts you put in and whatever money you spend on it, you can very easily measure and assess its success or failure.

It is important to understand the bit of the background history of this medium as well. It started off as an information medium as well as to connect with each other. The power of information still rules on the web. We always tend to go to the internet for some specific query and information seeking mindset. Or else now we go on internet to connect with our friends and relatives through social media platforms like Facebook and others. The most important attributes of the internet is based on information or content and interactivity. Companies need to understand it and then accordingly they should build their websites.  It is unfortunate to see that majority of the websites, are hardly 5- 10 pages just like to brochure without providing any unique information and insight about the products and services. They lack in many ways. Such websites do not serve the right purpose for their customers and visitors.

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The most modern and effective way to build a website is around content marketing concept. This concept primarily focuses on building good quality content pages which should be able to rank well in leading search engine like Google. If the information rich pages are not listed on the first 5 pages of the search engines, it will not make much of a difference in the web world.

We need to harness the power of the web media in the most advantageous way for the companies. This requires meticulous well thought strategic planning in the beginning and then executing it with a rigorous follow-up to get the best results.

Build Your Online Business Simple & Easy Way!

Web world provides many opportunities. It is truly democratic. It empowers the small, medium and big companies as well as it also empowers the single individual to come on the web and at equal footing.

There are many individual online business success stories.

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