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Solgo Engineering Services Wants To Make A Difference In Your Personal And Professional Lives.

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Do you know that solar energy is much better than our WAPDA electricity?

It is clean and green energy directly from the Sun and you can also sell this electricity back to WAPDA.

You Will Also Be Wondering That Installing Solar Power Requires Big Expenditure. 

And You May Not Be Ready For This. Right?

That Means You Find It More Comfortable To Pay More Amount Every Month Than One Big Amount One Time. Right?

Now Think Twice. Is It A Rational Approach? May Be Not.
You May Be Doing A Self-Damage If You Do The Simple Math.

But we at SolGo Engineering Services work differently. 

We Try To Understand The Customer Requirements

And Your Anxieties First. 

We try to answer your questions first. 

How solar power will really help you in the long term.

How it will be financially beneficial for you.

We Don’t Install Solar Solution For You If You Are Not Fully Satisfied And Convinced Before Taking This Important Decision.

SolGo Engineering Services is a Lahore based Emerging Solar power company, who is making its brand name across the entire Pakistan by adopting a slightly different approach i.e. to satisfy our customers before they take the decision and keep them satisfied after it.

SolGo Engineering Provides FREE Consultation And Advice

Whether You Install The Solar Solution
From Us Or Someone Else

We provide all answers to your questions about the initial high expenditure, how much power you will get, how much you will save, and also about the future guarantees and after sales services.

We will provide you simple answers about how solar solution will help you not only save money but will improve your lifestyle in the long run. 

If You Are Still Wondering About The First Time Expenditure
We Will Also Advise You The Solution How To Do It Instalments!

Solgo Engineering savings on solar energy

Our Company SolGo Engineering Services specializes in providing the excellent customer services and more so we focus more on the pre installation phase where you need to take an informed decision and more importantly, the right decision that can go a long way with you with peace of mind.

In Case, When You Do Decide To Implement The Solar Solution
We Provide Complete After Sales Services
With Long Term Warranties For Our Equipment And Services

We Are By Your Side Before Taking The Decision And After Taking The Decision.

That is how SolGo Engineering Services operates. 

We are super excited to share that SolGo Engineering has 100% percent satisfied customers.

We want to create competitive edge not only in our quality of solar power branded equipment and installation services but also in our excellent customer care services.