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The big dream for all

Business Opportunities Hunting

If life, either you have business opportunities or you have jobs for work. It all depends upon what kind of personality type you are and what you are inclined and passionate about in life. Everyone may not be suited for business and it definitely is not for the faint hearted. It involves risk to lose your money or to make a lot of money.

Few people and personalities are made for entrepreneurship. It just runs in their blood. On the other hand, few are made to do jobs. Both are right in their own way. The bottom line is that you should choose carefully what you are made for and how committed you can be with your business venture even in the times of adversity.

We will focus more here on general and upcoming business opportunities.

There are only two types of business opportunities

1.       Ready-made operational and earning business

2.       Start from the scratch with some idea

Both have their own pros and cons…

The first one is expensive to buy. It may range from USD 50K to USD 50 Million

The second business opportunity may require a small investment but a lot of hard work, time, sweat and perseverance. Again a very hard to find a success combo.

What should you do. Well the choice is yours. And entirely yours.

I extend business consulting services and more specifically Six Sigma Business Consulting services. And Six Sigma is all about the business improvement science. How to make it better and bigger.

It applies on all sizes of companies, big, medium and small. But in reality I am often asked by many individual aspiring entrepreneurs what they should do, which business they should enter. Is there any advice from the Six Sigma platform or philosophy? Well, I give them the already established and years old tested and proven answer that it has to be primarily based on your area of interest as well as potential for profit. 

How To Select The Right Business Opportunities

Planning for Business Opportunities

Therefore, I advise all to base their decision on the three main pillars

·         Meaningful – to you and to the customers

·         Manageable - you should be able to sustain and maintain it for at least 10 years of your life time

·         Monetizable – you should be able to earn from it from USD 1000 to USD 100K every month in the future

If these aspects hold true in any business, you are on the road to success.

Six Sigma also emphasizes to base your decision on some facts and hard data. So here comes the role of business feasibility study which helps you to provide a better projected insight about the future of the business.

Whether brief or detailed, whether only in the mind or on paper, there should be some business feasibility in place. But if you are just doing it as a hobby and you don’t want profits, then of course forget about it.

Please also note that when the word ‘business’ comes to your mind, you should think clearly and should automatically think ‘profit’. No business is a business if there are no profits, it will soon die its own natural death.

On this page, we will bring you some recommended third party business opportunities which you can review based on your own passions and interests and which you can invest to start your own business.

Stay Tuned. And keep visiting this page for updates...