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Six Sigma Personal Life- Follow The Methods

Career growth articles may help you improve your career and life for the better. Choosing the right job or work is most important for a fulfilling life

But if not perfection, Six Sigma can certainly help you a lot to straighten up quite many things and take a big leap forward in the right direction.

Human being is a complex creature. Every individual on this earth has unique finger prints, unique eyes, and faces. But they have many common things as well, all physical parts and organs, head, two eyes, two hands, and two legs are the same for every individual on this earth. 

What is one more thing which is not similar is the way of thinking and perceiving. It differs with everyone. The most important organ of human being is the 'brain' and the 'intellect'. That is the most distinguishing and differentiating feature from all other living creatures of the world. 

God made this mankind with this pride that it is the most superior creature and they have ability to do wonders by using their intellect in the right way. 

This world is a witness to big success and big failures at the same time. Similarly, we face tiny successes and failures in our daily lives too.

Why is this all diversity and various successes and failures. Has Six Sigma anything to do with it. This is the main subject of this section that how achieving six sigma personal life can help us take a leap.

Realistically speaking, I have not seen anyone to apply six sigma on personal life so far. But I am going to take my chances. And I strongly believe that Six Sigma can be adapted slightly to use it in your personal lives. After all, our individual goals in personal life also aim to succeed and in big numbers. So take it this way, if not in big numbers, lets first try to achieve success in small numbers.

We all have many problems, issues, stresses, anxieties, lack of clarity, wrong education, wrong job, wrong life partners, lack of confidence, lack of good friends, society issues, family issues, relationship issues. There is so much more... But where does the Six Sigma come in the picture how it may help to achieve Six Sigma personal life? Interesting question. Isn't it? Yes it is. And you will see and read in the career growth articles that where we will fit the role of Six Sigma to help you sort out and re-organize the life you really would like to live and love.

Keep a watch out in this section, where we will be posting some more interesting general career growth articles to help you see your life in a different but a better way.