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Thinking Different is the New Mindset!

IdeasBeat is a multimedia publishing company. We find, develop and publish business educational products as well as arts and entertainment.

We also develop specialized learning products for businesses of all sizes when for those aspiring individuals who long to become successful entrepreneurs.

Every business big and small requires growth, progress and profitability. But the art and science of growth in many companies is mostly overlooked and is usually based on many unstructured business practices, and undefined processes. But the surprising aspect about this approach is that business owners most of the time remain oblivious about what is going on, and they keep on expecting great result. Business success normally is not achieved by accident or by fluke or by chance, it is only by hard work, perseverance and deploying some of the best business practices. The role of luck and Divine help may also be there, but I guess and believe that luck also favors the most prepared ones.

IdeasBeat finds diverse ideas, thoughts and trends, and then we do our own research and package it into useful niche educational products in the form of Books, eBooks, eCourses, Trainings as well as other multimedia educational products including Audio & video.

IdeasBeat also brings many independent authors, trainers and subject matter experts who are also sharing their knowledge, wisdom and experiences through eBooks, eCourses and tutorials.


I started this company IdeasBeat Publishing based on my 25 years of diverse business and corporate experience in the field of Quality Management and Marketing Communications and especially my love for writing and publishing which always dominated in whatever role I worked. I always get fascinated to find diverse ideas, thoughts and stories from all around the world and always want to share it with the those who want to know it too like I do.

The field of publishing is considered in high value and esteem in the advanced world i.e. US, Europe, Japan, Australia and New Zeeland and even in some well-developed middle eastern countries like UAE, Bahrain, Turkey, Qatar, and Saudia. These advance nations and countries keep taking huge benefits from the expertise of the experts, authors, subject matter experts, consultants and trainers in form of their educational products.  

On the other hand, it is normally observed that the third world developing countries and people generally stay very reluctant to read and buy the latest educational material.

The reasons and factors are many. Firstly, many of them don’t want to invest in human capital which does not appear very tangible apparently; secondly, they don’t want to spend money; thirdly, people think they know it all. These reasons have long plagued this region. The result is that they sometimes are not open to new ideas of growth and new ways of doing things and adopting new technologies. In other words, it may also be the mindset problem.

But I guess the situation is gradually improving in this part as well. Now many enlightened people have started to take good advantages of the expertise of the authors and subject matter experts.

Well, if we see the litmus test about the role and success of the publishing. I guess the countries and people in the west who tend to use it more; we can clearly see how successful they are, and on the other hand, we can also see the status of the overall productivity and growth in the third world countries; and we can see that they are lagging behind.

I strongly believe that learning about the the art and science of growth and improvement is what matters for the overall successful life in the long term.

In addition to our publishing services, we will also provide our strong recommendations from time to time for some good resources and software which can be used to take huge benefits for your business and personal needs.

Hope we all achieve what we intend to.

Stay Motivated and Live Well!