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In today’s modern age, we just cannot live by not communicating. Even when we are silent, even then we are communicating something with our body language and expressions.
Similarly, when companies even do not have anything written, their servicescape and physical environment are trying to communicate something to us. It is on us to listen and understand.


At present, companies are moving from just boxed approach to strategic approach about marketing communications. i.e. Integrated Marketing communications. Integrated marketing communications is something which you helps you to think and plan in a holistic manner what you want to achieve for the company. Integrated marketing communications involve everything i.e. Outdoor, Print, Electronic and Digital.

IdeasBeat offers tools and resources on Integrated Marketing Communications. IMC is a strategic level tool. It provides the big picture and the overall control of where the marketing efforts are going. The strategy for communication messages also have to be in alignment with the big goals of the company.

Marketing is different from Marketing Communications in several ways which has now extended to Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC). It is primarily about art and science of communications. 

IMC is an area which requires much attention by the companies big and small since it is mostly overlooked, ignored and casually taken. On the contrary this area has the potential to turn company upside down and downside up.

But it is not easy for the companies to graduate from simple Marketing Communications to integrated Marketing Communications (IMC). It takes vision, strategy, goals and methods to implement the true spirit of IMC. Just like any other management tool like ISO, TQM, Six Sigma etc., it may be easier said than done.

However, I strongly feel, IMC is the need of the hour. It is not only limited to big companies.  Every medium and small business needs to think differently in terms of planning for effective IMC no matter how small the marketing campaigns are.


One person company also requires the IMC mindset, since it requires using the print media, digital media effectively (if not electronic & outdoor). IdeasBeat provides several solutions and educational resources for all kinds of businesses. We may also provide one-on-one consultancy to your growing business needs on a customized manner. IMC uses all types of medium; outdoor, print, electronic and digital in synchronization. Consistencies of messages are planned well in advance. The timings and scheduling of the release is also planned and executed accordingly.

In the end, the post campaign analysis is always important to know how effective it achieved its goals, whether it was to change the people perception, to increase the company or product awareness, to make more sales, or just reminder campaigns.

ROMI is Return on Marketing Investment and it is calculated to understand where the money was spent and how effective it produced the returns . If it was not successful then, it may require further modifications, adaptation and changes in order to work it better.

Marketing involves knowing about the external customers. They are always changing and it is the most difficult part to ever know about these changing consumer behaviors. But certainly there are several tools and resources to obtain such customers’ insights.

Marketing Communications experts are always writing and communicating for the intended and targeted audiences. They have to know them deeply, their interests, motivations, habits, age, gender, occupation and as many things as possible. This knowledge helps to plan the marketing communications which can have the right impact on these audiences. And the customers should be driven to take the desired actions.

The most powerful medium and tool in the marketing domain is the ‘direct response marketing communications’. This clearly differentiates from the normal corporate or image advertising.  This goes deep and hit the aspirations and motivations of the potential prospects and persuades them to take the action immediately by ordering the product there and then.

IdeasBeat website provides many simple but effective tools and resources for all kinds of businesses including small and very small businesses and even those aspiring entrepreneurs who intend to start something based on their passions, talents and skills but are still unsure what to do and how to do it.

If you are marketing student, marketing manager, marketing director, company owner,  or an entrepreneur, then  we do hope this humble straight forward resource rich website will help to add few cents of value addition for your professional dreams and visions and as well as its execution.

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