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IdeasBeat is a multimedia publishing and production company. We specialize in publishing and producing educational and business courses, software as well as audio/video tutorials and documentaries on several diverse local and global subjects.

We find diverse ideas, thoughts and trends, and then we do our own research and package it into useful niche products in the form of Books, eBooks, eCourses, Trainings and  software as well as other multimedia products including Audio & video.

In addition, IdeasBeat also brings many third party independent authors, trainers and subject matter experts who are also sharing their knowledge, wisdom and experiences through eBooks, eCourses and audio video tutorials.

Our core competency is in multimedia publishing and production. However, we usually do not adopt the conventional retail methods. Most of our products are informational and educational which we believe require detailed explanation as well as to elaborate the reasons why it may suit the customers. This detailed information helps our customers to know the complete benefits of the products inside out before they actually buy. Secondly, it gives them great savings which cannot be achieved through retail outlets.

So we do hope that products which we market and showcase on our website will benefit our customers in several ways.

Why IdeasBeat...

I started this company IdeasBeat primarily based on my passion for writing, publishing and productions. However, the past 25 years of my diverse experience in the field journalism, education, quality and especially in marketing communications and publishing has been a great help and foundation on which I am building upon this company.

I always get fascinated to find diverse ideas, thoughts and stories from all around the world and always want to share it with the those who want to know it too like I do.

I strongly believe that continuous learning is what matters for the overall successful life in the long term - personal and business.

Hope we all achieve what we intend to.

Stay Motivated and Live Well!

Z. Ahmad - Founder & CEO