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Digital Content Marketing Consulting Services
For SMEs & Business Owners

IdeasBeat offers you managed digital publishing & content marketing consulting services.

With one stop solution at one place.

We understand that Small and Medium Sized companies (SMEs) may not have enough time to create and manage their digital presence which requires steep learning curve and efforts to do it.

We will like you to focus on your core business and leave the rest in our safe hands to produce you desired results.

Four Legged Stool  - managed Digital Content Marketing services

Your online business needs to have four legs to be stable , strong, and sustainable for a long time.

IdeasBeat  offers complete turnkey consultancy to manage all your digital needs related to your online Business in four key area:

1 - Managed Website For You

Your Website design and development and content creation

2 - Managed Social Media Services For You

Your Social Media content creation and community management

3 - Video Creation Services

Creating your business videos and maintaining your YouTube channel

4 - Digital Publishing

As your business grows, you need to have long form content that includes eNewsletter, eMagazine, eBooks, White Papers, Customer Case Studies, and Email Marketing. We can do it all for you.

1 - Website Building Services

A - WordPress Web Publishing

Many businesses may opt to build their website on WordPress platform.

There is a diverse range of website design themes and functionality in WordPress through the internal and external plugins.

No matter what your business is and what functionality you may require, your website can serve all your customers at one place.

B - Solo Build It (SBI) Web Publishing

Those new entrepreneurial dreamers who want to create something new and use the digital world to their advantage for earning extra income every month.

IdeasBeat brings to you a branded solution Solo Build It (SBI) in affiliation with SiteSell company (Canadian)

With the help of SitSell's Solo Build It (SBI) now you can build your online home business sitting in the comfort of your own home.

Check out for more details ...

c - Dashnex Website

Dashnex is relatively a new company but has created a very impressive web building paltform as well as for eCommerce site.

It is without any bells and whistles and with no advanced feature.

But it is super easy to use and create fast websites with all the basic essential ingredients and at much affordable price tag.

2 - Social Media Management

We provide you with complete turnkey social media management that includes social accounts creation, multimedia posts creation and community management.

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3 - Video Creation Management

We provide you with complete turnkey solution to create your YouTube channel, create your videos, and manage the channel for you.

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4 - Digital Publishing - eBooks, eNewsletters, & EMail Marketing Services

IdeasBeat offers small and medium companies to publish your own ebooks, eMagazine / eNewsletter, and build your effective email marketing campaigns which will attract more prospects and leads.

That may also include publishing on Amazon KDP to build your brand impact.

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Role of Digital Marketing

If you want to grow your business, you may need a holistic digital marketing strategy to get the best of the online world.

You can read more about the benefits here.

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The Range of Marketing services

Marketing primarily is communications. How effectively you can present your products and services to the prospects and make them want it.

You can know more about the benefits here.

IdeasBeat Marketing

What is Digital Entrepreneurship

What is Digital Entrepreneurship and how can it change the way you do your business now and how you will do it in future. You may read my views on it.

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