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Lets Call It Coaching Please!

Consulting in action

You may learn everything on this site as well as from the world of web. But if you will be interested to get someone do your job, that is what business consulting is all about... (kind of outsourced way)

But here is the thing. There is a difference between consulting and coaching.

Coaching provides you more engaged session that helps you for long term success by developing the clarity of direction and purpose. And coaching believes that all success ingredients are already within you. It only requires to be unleased with someone's help who should be fully trained to do that.

Well I can provide that help for you.

You may read the 'About Me' page, to get to know more about me, what I do and why I do what I do.

Consulting & Coaching Services to Businesses

We provide consulting and coaching services in 2 areas i.e.

  1. Digital Marketing Consultancy
  2. Six Sigma Quality Improvements

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1 - Digital Marketing Consultancy & Services

Web is here to stay. You can not close your eyes or run away from it.

Those businesses who are not using the digital medium and most importantly the digital marketing, they are losing money every day. Because most of your customers are online now.

IdeasBeat helps medium and small businesses to boost their sales and revenues through digital marketing.

IdeasBeat offers its specialized services for the Pakistan real estate, home decor, hospitality and tourism sectors. 

  1. Website Creation
  2. Email Marketing Campaigns
  3. Social Media Marketing Campaigns
  4. Online Blogs & Articles
  5. e-Newsletters  & eBooks Publishing

In case if you are expecting it should be done FREE of cost. Then stop reading.

Marketing expenditure is an investment which every business owner should spend it wisely to get the best returns.

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2 - Six Sigma Business Improvement Consulting

Six Sigma science helps you to improve your backend business operations resulting in giving you huge cost savings and increased quality with high customer satisfaction.

It is easy to learn things all by yourself. But it is difficult to apply what you learn all by yourself. You need to have team, time and money. This is where the role of consulting services come in. 

Six Sigma Business consulting services will help you to stay strong, updated and compete well in the market.

Whether you are big business, medium or small, we can help you improve your operations and achieve cost savings in many ways.

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