About Me

Do we define ourselves by what we do
or what we love to do…

Practically speaking, in the eyes of the world, we are what we do and that’s how people perceive us (no matter what we would love to do).

Though it certainly may not be your reality, but perceptions easily become reality unless you make an effort to break it.

So let me give you my practical reality, first.

My name is Zeerik Ahmad. I am a Certified Six Sigma Black Belt (CSSBB) Business Improvement Consultant, and Marketing Communications Consultant.

In my formal capacity, currently I am attached with Wings Media (Advertising Agency) as an Executive Director.

In addition, I am also the founder, writer, and Managing Editor of IdeasBeat - The Web Magazine that provides diversity of articles and resources covering variety of areas including work, career, business, family, relationships, health and entertainment.

I have about 25+ years of corporate experience nationally and internationally in diverse functions including Operations, Quality, Marketing, Branding, Communications and Advertising.

Earlier, I have spent 14 years in United Arab Emirates (UAE) and 12 years in Pakistan with leading international organizations.

You may also check my LinkedIn Profile here.

My base educational qualifications include:

  • M.Sc. MBA & M.Phil (specialization in Marketing)

My additional professional credentials include:

  • Certified Six Sigma Black Belt (CSSBB) from James Harrington Institute, Dubai.
  • Certified Quality Manager (CQM) from ASQ, USA
  • ISO Auditor, BVQI, UK
  • BPM Practitioner. BPM Group, UK
  • Senior Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award Assessor (SKEA)
  • Diploma Associate of Institute of Bankers in Pakistan (DAIBP).  
  • Certified Digital Filmmaker from SAE, Dubai.

I am also blessed to have written 3 books...

1.   ‘Scanning Yesteryears India” published by A-One publishers, Lahore , 1993 (currently out of stock but available in leading Pakistani Libraries)

2.   ‘Easy Six Sigma Basics in Just 50 Minutes’ published in Oct, 2017. Available on Amazon (Kindle and Paperback versions)

3.   ‘Why My Shoes Hurt’ published in Dec, 2017. Available on Amazon (Kindle and Paperback versions)

I have changed many jobs and work areas in my life in order to find what would be the right career fit. It has been a difficult journey but it also brought diversity in my profile with versatile work experiences.

With years of experience, now I am trying to use the art and science of Six Sigma in Marketing Communications with some innovative twists  along with digital transformation for SMEs (small & medium enterprises).

Although, normally I coach with writing to provide you DIY (Do It Yourself) help. But I also take limited clients who may need some engaged coaching in one of the areas of life.

Marketing Consulting (Through Wings Media)

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