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Six Sigma Trainings can give you the best of the business edge in your work life as well as in your personal life. As we all should broadly understand that Six Sigma primarily is applied in the business domain to improve the work processes, products and services. However, it should also be understood that the philosophy pf Six Sigma is not only limited to business. It can also extend its scope to the personal life as well as in apparently non-six sigma areas, where you never thought it could have any significance.

This page for Six Sigma trainings will provide you the complete resources which will include all kinds of trainings i.e. the specific Six Sigma related trainings, general business management trainings as well as some non-six sigma related trainings which we believe can still add value in your professional and personal lives.

The specific Six Sigma trainings are usually expensive trainings. Six sigma is a structured management and business process improvement science. Its core trainings include

1.       Six Sigma White Belt training

2.       Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training

3.       Six Sigma Green Belt Training

4.       Six Sigma Black Belt Training

If you are wondering what it usually costs to get such Six Sigma certifications. You can visit our Six Sigma Training Cost page which shows the estimated pricing of such trainings offered by other third party vendors and institutes.

Modern Six Sigma: Hands-On White Belt

Created by Kenneth Remaley

Six Sigma White Belt Certification Training; Think like a Black Belt; with experienced Fortune 500 Master Black Belt

What you'll learn

  • Become a Certified Six Sigma White Belt
  • Add Six Sigma credential to your resume
  • Gain knowledge through participation in an immersive case study
  • Experience DMAIC process with hands-on activities in each phase
  • 6 major Six Sigma tools that you can use NOW and gain exposure to 11 additional tools
  • Use Criteria Matrix, Fishbone Diagrams, SCAMPER, Data Collection Plan, Control Chart Rules and more
  • Understand how Lean methodologies complement Six Sigma
  • Learn to Think like a Black Belt
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Six Sigma Trainings in Progress

Staff presence in Six Sigma Trainings

In addition, you should also care about the general business and management trainings as well which may include

·         Leadership training

·         Customer Services Training

·         Brainstorming

·         Business Feasibilities

·         Strategic Planning Training

·         Human Resource Management

·         Marketing Communications

·         Branding

·         Business Process Management

·         ISO Readiness

·         Policies & procedures

·         Workflows and Process Maps

These trainings will help you to take the advance level education and you will be able to apply and implement in your work areas.

If someone asks you that what is a difference between the two individuals…

1.       The first who is an under-graduate

2.       The second one who is a post-graduate.

Are the two same with the same knowledge and will they get the same salary?

Well, I know the answer and you should know it too. Of course, they both will command a different respect, and will get different remunerations just based on their level of education and training.

Discussion During Six sigma Trainings

Staff Discussion in Six Sigma Trainings

Same goes with any kind of training, whether it is just 1 day or it is 6 months. 

The two people with or without training can never be the same.

It is a hardened truth of the world that the acquired knowledge, learning and experience never go wasted. It may appear not to be utilized in the short run, but it can always be applied sooner or later in your current job and in your future jobs. So stay open-minded to learning. This is the first rule of personal and professional growth.

We will soon start updating with some recommended trainings here