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Ideasbeat is an Online Magazine and a Multimedia Publishing House that brings diverse ideas from all around the world.

That includes books, artworks, music and movies.

It offers diverse range of articles, books, research studies, trainings, listings, directories, artworks, music and movies from local and global sources.

IdeasBeat also publishes and produces ts own selected multimedia products on diverse topics in the form of books, courses, audios, videos and documentaries.

The purpose is to help you live a better holistic life personally and professionally.

Check Out our Published Books (Old Classics)

How To Analyze People On Sight

How To Analyze People On Sight
By Elsie Lincoln And Ralph Paine
USD 2.99 (Now FREE)

The core knowledge of Elsie and Ralph about the human types was one of the first major works ever done in the world to study the human appearance and relating it with the temperamental behavior.

Many later studies have come and gone with equal and more successes. But Elsie & Ralph’s master piece still holds its own unique golden value in the world of human psychology. Read More ...

Art of Money Getting  kindle

Art Of Money Getting Or Golden Rules Of Making Money
By P.T. Barnum
USD 2.99

This book ‘The Art of Money Getting’ is a classic book in your hands originally written by P.T.Barnum who experienced lots of ups and downs, struggles and triumphs but led a successful & famous celebrity life that included starting up museum, theatrical houses, musical concerts, serving as Politician and Mayor of Bridgeport, Connecticut and finally starting a Barnum and Bailey Circus company. Read More ...

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Idea Behind IdeasBeat

Everything starts with an idea, Isnt it?

Be it a house, company, friendship & relationship.

So, when we have so much to talk about and to explore, we want to find not only one idea but multiple ideas from all around the world to see the pattern and signs where it will lead to.

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