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  • Coping With Anxiety Disorder

    There may be many causes of anxiety disorder. We may not be just physically locked down ...

  • Healthy Diets

    Thinking about healthy diets. Every year countless number of people put weight loss goal at the top of their to-do-list for the upcoming year.

  • From Simple To Logical Parenting

    Logical parenting young kids is always a challenge for parents. But school-going children get busy in their routines

  • Covidiot - New Word in The Town

    Let’s Talk About A New Word In Town ‘Covidiot’ Will you believe this or not but coronavirus has made its way in our diction and dictionary.

  • What Is Caution Fatigue

    Caution Fatigue is all over us in this pandemic The world may never be the same again before January 2020.

  • Habit Of Doomscrolling

    Knowing and controlling doomscrolling helps o live better. We all know that one day, the world will end. It is a belief of every person in the whole world.

  • Developing A Fitness Regime

    Fitness regime is about developing a system that helps to keep you fit physically and mentally.

  • Holistic Health Is The Need Of Our Time

    We all require holistic health approach. In the age of pandemic regular doctors are busy treating Covid-19 patients. They are overloaded from all the sides.

  • How To Manage Peptic Ulcer

    Peptic ulcer may also be caused due to lifestyle. Covid-19 is the new reality. Indeed, a bitter reality for all of us

  • Women Wellness Matters

    Women wellness plays an important part for the healthy mind and healthy body.

  • Achieve Better Bone Health

    Bone health matters when you grow in years. When we are young, we have all the vitality and vigor to walk, run, jump...

  • Coping With Dementia In Old Age

    Dementia in old age is a challenge for older people. Have you ever watched the movie ‘Finding Dory’ with your kids or younger siblings?

  • Healthy Heart - Healthy Mind & Life

    Healthy heart is the key to overall success. Heart is the center of our body, just like engine is driving force of a car.

  • Know About Learning Disabilities

    The term Learning Disabilities is an “umbrella” term unfolding a number of other, more detailed learning disabilities, such as dyslexia and dysgraphia.

  • Yoga For Stress Relief

    Yoga has been used for centuries as a method of self-development or self-improvement by people all over the world.

  • How Sleep Can Boost Your Energy Levels

    ‘Sleep on time’ is always been the most repetitive phrase that we all listened to in our school days by our elders and parents.

  • Getting Along With Parents

    When kids are born, they are dependent on their parents. But when they grow up and see the world with their own eyes and perception

  • Managing Postpartum Depression In Women

    Postpartum Depression (PPD) is now a formal term to describe the feelings of gloom and doom leading to depression.

  • Improve Your Spine Health

    Spine Health is one of the most important health areas. Our spine is the foundation of our whole body.

  • Social Development For Children

    Social development is our life’s need. Our kids are our reflection. What we think, do and act have a lasting impression on their minds.

  • Exercise Makes Children Healthy

    Exercise for children is important. They should be fit. It means they should be fit and healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally.

  • What is Metabolic Health

    Metabolic health and Metabolism is a term described for all the chemical reactions involved in sustaining the living state of the cells and the organism.

  • Irritating Migraine - Say It Bye Bye

    Migraine is irritating. It causes a nuisance in one’s life when they come out of nowhere. They make the sufferers miserable

  • Benefits of Paper Hand Towels

    Paper hand towels were not there in the past. The COVID1-19 has forced us to change our lifestyles and general attitudes

  • Walking is the Best Medicine

    Walking always helps. In older times, people used to walk a lot everyday. They hardly went to gyms or fitness trainings.

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