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They say ' Knowledge is Power'.

Online Business articles and resources' collection will provide you with a competitive edge to plan your online business goals and strategy and most importantly the execution part, about how the things will work and how to deploy your e-strategy effectively and get the worthwhile results.

Online Business is an ever growing big domain. It is now at the height of its creativity and the usage of smart technology. In present times, everything is moving online.

Whether it is a big business, small business or medium business.

Not only that e-business world is also a hub of new ideas which never existed before in the traditional brick and mortar world. The examples of Airbnb,, itunes, eBay, Shopify, Amazon and so much more. 

We may wonder that how the concept of Six Sigma in online business can come in the picture. Okay, let me explain. Six Sigma is nothing but a methodical approach to do anything better in life. As the online Business is becoming a much bigger and visible reality, we just cannot close our eyes and forget about it. We have to do full justice with our given resources. 

Getting The Edge With Online Business Articles

Online Business Articles can provide you the insight how to use various methods and techniques including Six Sigma for Online Business perfection or its simplification methodology can also help you achieve much greater results than others who are doing the same stuff.

If Six Sigma has done some good things for many mega and medium corporations, then certainly Six Sigma can also be equally used to the advantage of the boosting the online business.

In the most simplistic way, when you make your first website you can also use the Six Sigma DMAIC method to help you get the better results.

And since any web project is a continuous and ongoing project, it never stops, therefore the role of 'I' (Improve) and 'C' (Control) will be very important in managing your future website.

This is certainly a very small example. If you have a huge online business model with huge resources. then the six sigma online business approach with better tools and methods can help you more to bring better results.

What Is Your Online Business Idea

It will depend that if your online business planning is for totally new online idea or it is to make a transition from the existing offline business to online world. Accordingly, you can adapt and sharpen your Six Sigma tools.

This collection of online business articles and resources can help you plan it right, execute it right and getting the desired results.

I will keep on adding articles, resources, case studies and examples to help you learn from others mistakes (including mine) and how eventually you have to come up with a clear and solid e-strategy to fulfill your online goals.