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  • Real Estate Taxes in Pakistan

    Real Estate Taxes in Pakistan keep changing every second or third year. It is sometimes complex for the common person to understand

  • Retail Leasing In Pakistan

    Retail leasing in Pakistan is about renting a space for your shop or outlet. It may be some restaurant, coffee shop, apparel business, or electronics store.

  • MidCity Housing Lahore - Aesthetically High Standard Housing

    Midcity Housing Lahore is an ambitious housing project in Lahore that hit the market in early 2022. It is located in the southern Lahore near Bahria Town Lahore

  • Sky Gardens Housing Islamabad

    Sky Gardens Housing Islamabad is a private real estate developer, who has recently entered into a Joint venture deal with FGEHA

  • Al Fatah Estate Center Lahore

    Al Fatah Estate Center Lahore is one of the oldest real estate agency in Lahore. It is owned by Sheikh Athar and his sons.

  • Citi Housing Gujranwala

    Citi Housing Gujranwala has three phases and almost all are sold out. Yet you can find it in the secondary market to buy and purchase the properties.

  • Citi Housing Jhelum Overview

    Citi Housing Jhelum is a prestigious housing society that is going to change the outlook of the whole Jhelum city.

  • DHA Bahawalpur Ballot 2021

    DHA Bahawalpur Ballot was started with effect from 17th October, 2021. It will remain open till 15th November, 2021.

  • Murree Resorts

    Murree Resorts Housing Society is located between Islamabad and Murree. It is accessible only through Angoori road Murree.

  • DHA Lahore Registered Dealers

    DHA Lahore registered dealers are only allowed to conduct property transfers in DHA Lahore.

  • Murree Real Estate

    Murree Real Estate market is much smaller than any major city in Pakistan. But interestingly, its prices are almost equal to the main urban cities of Pakistan.

  • DHA Lahore Property Transfer Procedures

    Knowing about DHA Lahore property transfer procedures is important before you take any further step forward to buy or sell any property in DHA Lahore.

  • DHA Lahore - The Class of Its Own

    How it all began – the story of DHA Lahore. It all started from very humble beginnings in 1975 to turn into the most attractive lifestyle residential community

  • DHA Lahore Phase 6

    It’s where the action is right now. DHA Lahore Phase 6 is buzzing all around and people have started flocking into it.

  • DHA Lahore Phase 9

    Initially DHA Lahore Phase 9 was known as Phase IX and X. This has been renamed as Phase IX Prism. It is adjacent to Phase V and opposite to Phase VI

  • DHA Lahore Phase 8

    DHA Lahore Phase 8 basically now has three parts - the ex-Park View, ex-Air Avenue society and the new additional land by DHA.

  • DHA Lahore Phase 7

    DHA Lahore Phase 7 is one of the hot areas to invest as well as to get settled in your new home soon.