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  • 7 Classic Car TV Commercials

    Car TV commercials are some of the most desired advertisements which every individual of any age and gender aspires to see and yearns to own

  • Solar Power Solutions In Pakistan - A Round-up

    Ten years ago, solar power solutions in Pakistan were not easy to find. But not now. The solar power landscape is completely changed from 2020 onwards.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    We all are customers first and customer satisfaction is all we may care about in this global world of business and services

  • 25 Continuous Improvement Methodologies

    With the help of continuous improvement methodologies, this world has progressed with leaps and bounds in the last 200 years from 1820 – 2020.

  • Leadership vs Management

    Leadership vs management debate have its own merits and demerits. In this world, we have millions of businesses and entrepreneurs.

  • Business Management Theories And Its Significance

    Business management theories help to determine the right course. In the history of human civilization, theories have transformed and changed the world

  • Workplace Harassment For Women Has Become A Global Issue

    It unfortunate, that the workplace harassment for women is continually increasing for many known and unknown reasons. Modern day women are career-oriented ...

  • Motivation Is The Essence of Life

    Motivation is the key to success in life. It drives individuals to achieve their goals and dreams. Motivation is the essence of every positive mind ...

  • Knowing About Management Theories To Manage Your Business

    Knowing about management theories is definitely an edge if you want to start and manage any kind of business

  • Human Resource Management

    Human resource management is an important function in an organization. Without it, leaders would not be able to find and recruit employees or skilled workers

  • Organizational Culture

    Organizational culture can have varying effects on your staff morale ranging from being ‘super motivated’ to immensely demoralized

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

    Corporate Social Responsibility originally finds its roots in our moral values and ethics that are embedded in our religious and cultural roots ...

  • 5 Cs Of Marketing

    The 5 Cs of Marketing in today’s globalized world is important to remember to make your product or brand visible globally.

  • Business Ethics

    General ethics, moral values and business ethics build a strong foundation for business organizations to work towards the betterment of their employees ...

  • Effective Leadership In Your Organization

    The seeds of effective leadership start from the early childhood. We all want to develop leadership qualities in our children but only few get the environment

  • First Business

    If you are preparing your wings to start your first business as your first entrepreneurship flight you need to be clear about few things ...

  • Rethink Global Strategy

    Rethinking global strategy is the need of the time during and after COVID-19. It is clear that world has going through unpredictable times.

  • Experience Led Transformation

    Implementing ‘Experience Led Transformation’ can prove to be game changer. We all know that change is the only permanent thing in this world.

  • Disruptive Innovation

    We are living in the age of innovation or disruptive innovation. Innovation is seen in all areas of life.

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