Choosing An Affordable Hotel in Pakistan

Yes. It Takes Work!

Choosing an affordable hotel in Pakistan - showing the hotel lounge

Out of 700+ Hotels in Pakistan, choosing an affordable hotel in Pakistan is a challenge to battle with.

The task to choose an affordable hotel in Pakistan for your next stay can be done fast if you have the right mindset and you have the available information on all Pakistan hotels. 

Your Needs & Requirements

The search starts with our needs and requirements. Either you are coming alone, or you are coming with your family.

Either you are coming on business trip or you are coming on vacation. The purpose of your visit should ideally determine what kind of place you will like to stay in. 

Suppose if you are alone and on business trip, you may want something closer to your work place. If you are coming for vacation, you may want something closer to main landmarks or shopping areas. If you are coming with family and kids, you may want some comfortable stay with all the good amenities. 

Choose your purpose first, and decide about your budgets. Then add about 20% cushion in that budget to go higher.

Start Your Search For an Affordable Hotel in Pakistan

Now start finding the Pakistan hotels, and more specifically an affordable hotel in Pakistan, and check on the amenities and facilities the hotel offers whether it suits you perfectly or not. 

Most of the time, our budget versus the price of the hotel provides us with a dilemma. We all want nicer looking things. 

The 4 and 5 star hotels that offer luxury facilities, décor, well decorated rooms and immaculate cleanliness not only attract our eyes, it attracts our souls and we emotionally get pulled toward it. This is the inherent nature of all humans. 

But what may stop us booking that hotel is the limitations of our pockets and budgets. The dilemma between heart and mind puts us in a really difficult situation. But the harsh reality prevails and many a time we go by our pockets and our own budgets. 

But let me tell you, there is way to have both. You can find and choose an affordable hotel in Pakistan at a reasonably good location with good amenities at a reasonable price closer to your budget. 

What it requires is to do a bit of a deeper research and finding. As they say….some gems may be buried deeper and not visible to your eyes.

“I wanted to travel to Islamabad on an official trip for one day. I needed a good place to stay especially in December. I would have loved to stay in Marriott Hotel near F6 sector – the most posh area in Islamabad at the price of about 20,000 per day. But I didn’t want to spend that much frankly. 

Alternatively, guess what, I found one guest house in the F6 which is in the same posh sector very near to Super market. The guest house was an old house, not very well maintained from the outside. But I was pretty surprised to see the inside. It was well kept. The rooms were pretty close to 5 star. With well-kept bed, sofa set, Flat screen TV, bedroom fridge, attached bathroom with hot and cold water. And with free toiletries. In addition, there was very attentive customer service. 

They gave me cell phone charger for my note 8. They also arranged the Uber car ride for me in the morning and for the next day check out. All this at just PKR. 4500/- I was pretty happy and completely satisfied”.

The above experience shows that there is a way to choose the affordable hotel in Pakistan. Though I may agree that sometimes, having both ends meet may be difficult task. But it is very much possible. Most of the times you do find good matches. 

Summing Up

All kinds of search first start from your own needs and requirements. The clearer you are about that, the better your search result will be, more time you spend browsing and searching the hotels, the better choice you will find out. provides you with simple and straight forward listing of all Pakistan hotels so that it can be easy and convenient for you to find and choose an affordable hotel in Pakistan for your next stay. 

Browse all the relevant hotels in Pakistan, and you can straight-away book it online at (yes, I also booked through and was completely satisfied) 

I hope you will have wonderful next stay in an affordable hotel in Pakistan.