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Book Publishing in Pakistan

About Book Publishing in Pakistan

Book publishing in Pakistan through Amazon Kindle Direct (KDP) Publishing is possible and doable.
It gives the empowerment and authority to all those individual aspiring writers in Pakistan who want to write something and self-publish not only in Pakistan but globally all over the world.
It has been a few years now that Amazon KDP started accepting accounts from Pakistan and you can now sign up and open your Amazon KDP account to self-publish your eBook or print book globally through Amazon.

Amazon KDP Account Opening

The process of opening an account requires some time, as they want to take all your information including the tax filer details through tax interview.
It is advised to provide the accurate information at that time so that your account should remain healthy with Amazon.

Publishing Industry Disruption

Amazon has totally disrupted the traditional publishing model.
Earlier, publishing a book and launching in Pakistan had many difficult steps. And globally it was almost not possible for any Pakistani to go to that route. Only a few could make it who may be based in other countries or have made tremendous efforts through literary agents to submit their manuscript.
All that has changed. It is a golden opportunity for all those writers in Pakistan to avail this opportunity.

Opportunities for Book Publishing in Pakistan Through Amazon KDP

Publishing Industry Disruption

Book publishing in Pakistan through Amazon KDP brings a great opportunity for those who are already seasoned authors as well as those who are aspiring to become one.
There are thousands of self-publishing success stories who opted for Amazon platform instead of the other conventional publishing companies.
Currently, there may be a few limitations for Pakistanis. Mostly, the works are published in English language at Amazon KDP. Urdu language directly may not be possible, but only through some limited way of inserting as images.

Amazon Book Sales

The book sales proceeds are transferred through cheques depending upon the amount you have accumulated in the sales dashboard or on monthly basis to your physical address in Pakistan.
It is pertinent to note that Amazon has about 30+ million book titles and have about 2.4 billion visits a month. It is the world’s largest online retail store. And it provides one of best prestige platform.

Not a Writer – No Issue

Book Publishing in Pakistan for non-writers

Interestingly, book writing and especially the book publishing in Pakistan through Amazon KDP is not limited to writers only. Even if you have not written before, and you don’t know how to write well, you can still write and publish, and become an author.
The publishing route for those who are not writers may take some more time, effort, and money, but it is doable.

Opportunity for Non-Writers in Pakistan

For other non-writers, who may also avail this opportunity of book publishing in Pakistan through Amazon KDP are:


If you are a consultant in any field, you can plan to write and package your expertise and publish globally on Amazon.

Professionals / Practitioners

If you are a professional in any field; engineer, doctor, lawyer, architect, or any other professional, you can write your knowledge, expertise and experience, and package in a book form for the world to know and publish through Amazon KDP.


If you are a teacher in any subject, this is one of the best times, to elevate your profile by becoming a book author globally. You can write and package your knowledge in a book and publish it globally.


If you have any life experience, of managing home, managing relationship, managing children, managing events, or else have faced any difficulties in life, in relationships, you can now share it with the world by packaging your hard and soft experiences in a book and share it with the world through your book.

Creative Writers

Do you have any story to tell about your life or any fiction in your head which you can create. This may be the time to tap your talents and show it to the world.

Benefits of Book Publishing in Pakistan Through Amazon (KDP)

Benefits of Book Publishing in Pakistan

There are many benefits:

  • Amazon KDP platform is free to use. But has some learning curve to know it well.
  • It provides a huge visibility all over the world.
  • Your book will be published in the US, Europe, Australia, Canada.
  • You will earn the prestige of being a published author of your book.
  • You can include this achievement in your CV and in your public profile.
  • And you can earn some good royalties of your book as passive income for a lifetime.

Summing Up

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) offers you a unique platform for experienced writers, and enthusiasts who have something to express and share. They can use the Amazon KDP publishing platform make it happen.

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If you are interested to get the guidance about book publishing in Pakistan through Amazon KDP, please contact me directly to guide you more about our services in Pakistan for Amazon KDP Publishing.