Book Summary Making Ideas Happen

By Scott Belsky - 256 pages

Book summary Making Ideas Happen

Book summary Making Ideas Happen provides you the condensed version of the core thoughts and concepts in the book.

‘It is said ideas are dime a dozen’.

Everyone has ideas. It may come up in your bathroom, in your living room, while reading the newspapers, while talking to your family, or talking to your friends.

Ideas about changing your room, ideas about studying another subject, ideas about buying a new garment, new shoes, ideas about starting your own business, ideas about repairing something old, ideas about buying a new laptop, ideas about mending your relationship, ideas about going out for a dinner.

Well, well, do we execute all our ideas. NO. Why?

A few ideas may not mean much to us, whether they are big or small. If the idea of going out for a dinner does not materialize, it may not mean a world to you.

If the idea of starting your own café is not implemented, you may step back because of the many reasons which you believe may not be in your control. Like requiring money and risk.

Anyway. We all live through such scenarios.

Therefore, the book ‘Making Ideas Happen’ by Scott Belsky is a book not about generating ideas it is a book about executing the ideas.

Worldly success belongs to those who can implement their ideas successfully.
The movie director may have hundreds of ideas and stories in his or her mind, but it is that one idea which is executed and made into a movie and people watch the movie. That makes him the ‘idea to action’ person.

Book summary Making Ideas Happen presents the main points.

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The book ‘Making Ideas Happen’, simply helps you to shortlist and filter your ideas, and make a solid plan to execute it.

In one way, it is all common sense, but communicated very effectively by the author Scott Belsky.

Some of the Core concepts in the Book are as follows:

Core Concept 1 – Find the Final Idea

Generate ideas and shortlist them what means most to you. Though this book is not about how to generate ideas.

It assumes that you may be brimming with ideas with excitement or without excitement.

And you want to take a start from somewhere. Find the idea which excites you more.

Core Concept -2 – First Find Yourself

Who are you? Try to see if you fit in one of the three…


  • You think more, you may talk more, you may get more ideas, but you hardly do anything about it. You take more energy only by expressing ideas with others.


  • You may talk less and listen more, you may not have many ideas, but whatever you decide to do, you commit to it and do it through, and to the end.


  • You can dream and think a lot and can also come up with ideas. You take a start for execution, but may leave mid-way to find another good idea to pursue, and this way you may end up opening multiple projects and fronts, and probably not finishing anyone.

Core Concept - 3 Making Ideas Happen Execution Model

Once you have found who you are (Dreamer, Doer or Incrementalist), then follow the execution model.

The Equation

  • Making Ideas Happen = (The Idea) + Organization and Execution + Forces of Community + Leadership Capability

Organization & Execution

Though you may not be the type and may not like it just like a math subject in your high school, but sorry, you must do it anyways.

You must finalize the one idea that is more strategic and makes more sense economically.

Find your own energy focus on its value and lock it.

Execution methodology - Make the 3 buckets:

Action items:

  • Make the action steps which require to execute that idea.

Reference items:

  • Make a list of things which are just for reference purposes.

Backburner items.

  • Things that may be good to have but not necessary.

Forces of Community

Success hardly comes alone; it is a teamwork and lot of interdependencies. With an exception, if you want to write a book all by yourself. Even that will require some feedback as well before you hit the road.


It is not necessary to find the leader, you need to put on a hat of a leader for your own project.

You must commit with the timelines and follow the road map meticulously and religiously.

The distractions will certainly come especially for the dreamer type personality or the incrementalist type, but you need to devise the mechanism to stay on the course.

Once you get off course, it is all gone and finished.

Summing Up

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Book Summary Making Ideas Happen takes out the gist of the book. It is a very practical book with lots of examples and first level research from diverse industries and individuals who made or could not make it.

It is for those who have experienced frustrations due to failure in executing their ideas.

Please note it is not about the eventual failure, it is about creating an action plan, road map and following through it. If you do it and still fail, the reasons of failure may lie somewhere else, not with you.

The various successes in this world have been resulted only through the execution. Ideas alone have not done any good to the world unless you learn to execute them well.

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