How To Brainstorm Ideas for Online Business

There is an easy and smart way of doing it too!

Brainstorm Ideas For Online Business

How do you actually brainstorm ideas for online business perhaps may matter more than your offline business. Online Business has different dynamics than offline business.

The good part of online business is that you can research and brainstorm for the right potential ideas in a much better way with enough data support.

Though it requires more time and hard work to continuously pinpoint the winning online idea. But it is also important to know that this is just one-time investment of some money and lots of hard work, but if you do it well, then, you have already aced the half success for your online business.

The main KPI of the online success is that there should have enough daily visitors on your site e.g. at least 100 visitors a day should be basic threshold point. And how do we achieve this KPI.

There are three ways of doing it.

  1. Through organic ranking of your website in GoogleIt may take about 6 – 12 months’ time (No money investment).
  2. Through paid advertising in Google and social mediaIt may take about USD 300 per month (No other organic hard work).
  3. Hybrid - The combination of the both. Some money (USD 100 per month) and some hard work for continuously developing the content.

It will depend what strategy and route you adopt to achieve the KPI of 100+ visitors a day.

But coming back to your original idea about how to find and brainstorm the ideas for online business, that should help you achieve that success has three ways of doing it.

Option 1: Manual research through the google search engine

Entering various idea phrases in the search engine and trying to see the quantity of the search results (supply) and which normally is in millions.

That shows how many people have already supplied the information on the that idea key phrase. Will you get the chance to compete with the other websites or not?

Now you also need to know the demand side of the idea key phrase. How many people are actually looking for it. Though it is still difficult to see in the search results, but you will have to use the other Google keyword tool (free), if you have the google account, that will show you how many searches are done in a month.

Coupled with this research you will have to deduce your own understanding how this idea can help you do good in the online world.

The process is long, cumbersome but does provide you enough insight about how to start your online business and when.

I have done such kind of researches various times in the past and came up with many interesting outcomes.

Option 2: Solo Build it  Brainstormer to brainstorm ideas for online business

As I started moving forward with my online journey of successes and failures, I discovered another great tool and system to brainstorm ideas for online business that is called Solo Build it (SBI). It is an online business building system. From idea to website building, and growing your online business.

Inside the Solo Build It, there is Brainstormer tool that provides the refined sophisticated way to find the demand and supply of any online idea.

How to brainstorm ideas for online business in just a few clicks. 

When you buy the SBI subscription it will cost USD 330/- per annum, you will get the complete online business building platform. And on the main Dashboard you will find the main link for Brainstormer.

When you click it, another pop up window will open 

You will select your choices like 'vertical', and 'singular and plural'.

You can enter your key phrase e.g. ‘real estate’ 

And click to brainstorm

It will take a few minutes to bring back the data. Please be patient, and the it will populate all the data in systematic manner in the tabular form, that will provide you with the demand of the keyword and the supply and its profitability potential.

Please note that the data may not be 100% scientific, but it provides you a very educated trend and pattern about what key phrase’s profitability potential for your online business.

If you are interested to adopt this route, you click this link for Solo Build It to know more about it.