7 Classic Car TV Commercials

The Pull of A Desired Object

Mercedes in Car TV commercials

Car TV commercials are some of the most desired advertisements on TV, which every individual of any age and gender aspires to see and yearns to own such an automobile of his or her choice. 

Although many a time, everyone may not afford to buy the most luxurious cars, but still, everyone wants to see the luxury in action which creates a good ecstatic and fantastic feeling to own such a car one day.

The Power of Car TV Commercials

Car is such an object in our lives that most of the humans love it. To understand it better, we also have to understand the human psyche as well, which craves power and desires comfort and luxury, and of course, the ability to go places far and beyond.

The car satisfies all these elements of human psyche. Not only limited to that, it has become a social phenomenon and the social status as well.

The first thing noticeable in any lifestyle is the choice of a car you keep.

The Idea Behind Car TV Commercials

Woman in Car TV commercials

Those thoughtful companies, which fully understand the human psyche have been able to make such car TV commercials that really hit the hot buttons in the human psyche and helps to create the heightened feelings of desire and longing to own such a vehicle.

Creating any kind of TV commercial is an art itself but from the business perspective every TV commercial should also work to increase the sales of the company that is the final result of any advertising.

Creating Car TV Commercials

Creating specific car TV commercials require good amount of research first.

It is important to understand the product first, for any creative director, who embarks upon such s project. Knowing about the real manufacturing of the product and what are its features, is the starting point. 

Then it is the work of the creative director who converts the features into the benefits which the consumer will experience while using the product. In this case, using the car for its own and family purposes with safety, security, and comfort.

Generally speaking, car TV commercials are not very regular and excessive, but interestingly, they are watched with great eagerness.

At the same time, as per my observations, many companies do not do good justice by creating such TV commercials, they are unable to hit the psychological human chords and the advertisements fall flat, and do not create unique experiences.

All advertising involves the basic 2 prerequisites i.e. understanding the product and understanding the customer, who will use that product. Without such a basic understanding, no advertising can work well.

In addition, there are more ingredients which may create enhanced experiences i.e. the background music, the choice of actors, the choice of location, and most importantly, the storyline of the car TV commercial.

Car is A Major Purpose of A Customer

Automobile is relatively an expensive product and is a major purchase for any individual. The prospect normally tends to do a lot of research as well as getting a word of recommendations by those who already had experienced the same vehicle brand.

Therefore, every customer has a right to make informed decisions. And every company‚Äôs duty is to help them to know more through advertising and communications. 

We have collected 7 selected classic car TV commercials for you to watch.

Although there may be hundreds available. And with every new car model, there is a new TV commercial. But our selected ones are the few classics that have been time-tested. 

You can have a good idea what are the real advertising benchmarks in the automobile industry.

Watch the 7 Selected Classic Car TV Commercials

1 - Honda Cog

The power of an idea and the unique gripping animation that holds your attention to the end.

2 - Honda Hands

Again, the power of beautiful animation showing all the diverse products made by Honda brand.

3 - Mercedes Benz

The unique indirect idea without directly showing the main product.

4 - VW (Volks Wagen)

The simplicity of the story using the power of subtly.

5 - Nissan

Animation playing the role of story telling.

6 - BMW

This is the part of BMW films that grips you to the end with action.


The immense power of Jeep machine showing its strength in a unique way.

We hope you enjoyed the above Classic Car TV Commercials.

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