What is Chat GPT

Chat Bot With An Artificial Intelligence!

Chat GPT

Chat GPT stands for Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer.

It is a highly intelligent chatbot developed by a startup company OpenAI in San Francisco, USA.

By using the heightened level of artificial intelligence, it can answer many complex questions quite correctly.

This claim got really tested recently, when with the help of Chat GPT, the medical exam questions were answered correctly, the law test were done correctly, as well as Wharton entry test was passed too in the USA.

This has set the Chat GPT on fire. And the news about its power is spreading like wild fire, more so like viral in the offline and online world.

Understanding Chat GPT

So, let’s try to understand what Chat GPT is.

Chat GPT is a Natural Language Processing (NLP) tool that allows users to communicate with computers using everyday language.

The history of CGPT dates back to the early days of artificial intelligence research.

In the 1950s, a group of scientists at Dartmouth College developed a program called the Dartmouth Summer Research Project on Artificial Intelligence (DSRPAI).

This program was one of the first attempts to create a machine that could understand and respond to human language.

The artificial intelligence is now getting into your existing systems and programs and making it more intelligent than the past.

The easy example is the Google search engine which started using AI for its search results. And many other search engines got faded away in the background including the block buster Yahoo search engine.

Interestingly, the original purpose behind the Chat GPT was aimed to develop an intelligent customer services and to make the CRM more automated.

However, when it started its course, it did not only seem to stop at customer services only. It has extended to all the fields of business, academics, and research.

Benefits of Chat GPT

Chat GPT Benefits

The benefits of Chat GPT include its ability to understand and respond to human language, as well as its ability to improve communication between humans and computers.

  • It can help to find the solutions to problems much easier and faster than now.
  • It can help you research very complex issues and database.
  • It can help you learn the technology faster.
  • It can help you write the software code saving hundreds of hours.
  • It can help you research for your book-writing saving hundreds of hours.
  • It can also help you write the articles as well as books. Though this area may still require more fine tuning. As it involves good amount of human creativity as well.

The current strength of Chat GPT is more on the scientific side of things and less on the creative side of things.

Overall, Chat GPT definitely seems to be a game changer and major technology disruptor.

Pitfalls of Chat GPT

The pitfalls of Chat GPT include its potential for misuse, as well as its potential to cause communication problems between humans and computers.

It can be increasingly used for the academics, essays, thesis and exams. That may have the potential to decrease the human intelligence and relying more on the artificial intelligence.

The challenges to the human kind may be some kind of degradation of the human intellect and rusting of the intelligence.

People may get lazier with their lifestyles having CGPT in their life.

How to use the Chat GPT

Chat GPT usage

Currently, Chat GPT is only available through the website at openai.com. 

There is no mobile app for it as yet. Get to know more about it here.

You will have to first create an account by signing up, and then you will be able to use it free of cost.

There are mixed views on it. That it may become a paid service in the future, or it may remain free to use. Only time will reveal the next way forward.

The company behind the Chat GPT OpenAi currently has about 300+ employees and according to some estimates it has been valued 30 billion dollars company.

It is posing direct threat to Google search business.

At present, we are all hooked to Google search and we know it that brings some of the best search results for us to prune and take benefit from.

What if in near future, you are also able to find much better sites and solutions through Chat GPT, then, will you again go to back to use Google to search?

This is a million-dollar question and billion dollar threat to Google business.

Google is fast trying to combat this threat and is about to come up with their own competitive high end AI model.


mature couple looking at PC

Though Chat GPT has both advantages and disadvantages, but it still is a marvel of technology like any other earlier tech products of the past including the internet, Wikipedia, Google, Google maps, WhatsApp and so on.

Is it possible to stop the technology progress and its inventions. May be not.

But as it says, power comes with responsibility. It is about the right and fair use.

Every invention and discovery have the potential of good use and misuse. It is not about the invention which may be wrong, it is upon us how we use to our benefit without the negative implications.

Perhaps, for researchers and students, it is like a dream come true. But for all others, it is about finding the right solution to their problems fast.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a big future, rather it is the future which has started happening. We all have to embrace it. But it is scary as well, that it may dwarf the human intelligence who actually created it.

Can the AI monster get out of control?

There may be many questions, though the answers are not fully known yet.
However, tech will follow its own flow and it surely will be embraced from all quarters of the world.

It is the normal pattern of human psychology that we only see the benefits first and the pitfalls come later, or sometime hardly accepted.

In this case, the benefits seem to outweigh the pitfalls with a huge gap.
We hope it serves the right and well intentioned purpose to add value in this world.