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An Affordable Option For Content Creation

Content Genie Software in Action

What is Content Genie Software

Content Genie Software is an online cloud-based software platform that helps you write and create content for your online business with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Person Behind the Company

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Kelechi Mmonu is a founder of Content Genie. He is a native African based out of Nigeria (Port Harcourt city).

He is an enterprising person. He graduated as an Accountant from the University of Port Harcourt in 2019. Considering the global environment and his inclination for technology, he entered the tech industry and started making websites and sales funnels for local and global clients.

Testing the global response, he decided to form his own tech company Catex Technologies.

As per the nature of the global tech business, he also created a presence in the USA in Delaware State to help market the products globally.

So far, we could not find any negative views about the entrepreneur nor about the company.

The person and product are real and very much exist in the market.
Content Genie Software was launched in the year 2022.

Content Creation Challenges for Online Businesses

In today’s modern age, with the rapid growth of online businesses, content creation is one of the foremost needs to keep the company website populated with good, fresh and repeat content which should be informative, useful and helpful for the intended audience.

Content Creation has become a vital and strategic tool.
From email writing to social media posts, producing quality content in a timely manner is crucial.

Yet, creating impactful, consistent, and captivating content while efficiently managing it across multiple platforms proves to be a daunting task.

Not everyone has the time to do it, and neither the skills nor the passion to write especially those who are already hands full with their business operations.

Who should they ask to write and create the needed content for the online business?

Either it must be someone they may hire or some assisted AI smart tools in today’s hi-tech age. Content Genie Software may help in such a situation.

Business Owners’ Frustration for Content Creation

Business Owners

These challenges of creating consistent content often create unexpressed anxiety in business owners, leaving them frustrated and agitated resulting in an operational disadvantage.

Hiring Content Writers as an Alternative!

Those business owners who still think that they should do something about creating good content, eventually end up hiring human content writers.

These content writers spend endless hours generating content, which gets outdated against fast-changing trends, and may face difficulty in managing multiple platforms to keep it current.

At the same time, the content writers are getting expensive day by day, since they are humans and must feed themselves and their families from the generated incomes.

The lack of an effective tool to simplify and streamline the content creation process often leads to massive expenditure, inconsistency, and low impact on their intended audience.

What is The Solution Then? – There Are Many Including Content Genie Software!

There are many tech solutions existing online ranging from Free to Paid for content creation.

However, as I am trying to write a review on Content Genie, I will like to talk more about it to provide you with the complete picture.

Content Genie Software is an AI-powered online software, which presents itself as a cost-effective solution to your content creation nightmares.

It offers a versatile range of tools and functionalities; including sales copy creation, email writing, content paraphrasing and summarizing – that essentially cater to all your content creation needs.

Content Genie Software steps up the game by integrating an innovative self-paraphrasing feature that helps you generate diverse and refreshing content swiftly, eliminating the trouble of repetitiveness.

Whether it's crafting a high-impact sales pitch or breezing through your email campaign, Content Genie's sophisticated AI guides you through each step, providing services that are quick, easy, and productive.

Features of Content Genie Software

Content Genie Main

Social Media Post Creation and Posting

Content Genie Software provides 8 social media platforms
1. Facebook
2. Instagram
3. LinkedIn
4. Pinterest
5. Tik Tok
6. YouTube
2 Web Posting Platforms
1. WordPress
2. Medium

6 AI Sales Content Creation Tools

1. Email script Writer
2. PAS Sales Copy Writer
3. AIDA Sales Copy Writer
4. Grammar Sentence Checker
5. Content Summarizer
6. Content Paraphraser

Job Finder Tool in Content Genie Software

Interestingly, Content Genie Software serves two kinds of audiences; those who are business owners and are looking for easy and fast content creation tools; and those freelancers who are looking to earn from the content creation services.

Both need some fast and efficient automated process to help them write more every day.

Content Genie Software provides the built-in job finder tool that serves as a unique characteristic of its platform enabling users to stay on the same platform for convenience, adding to its efficiency and user-friendliness.

It opens doors for all freelancers and businesses looking for content creators, making this platform a one-stop solution to multiple needs.

At the back end it is connected with the industry-leading portal. User should have his/her account on Freelancer to get this seamless integration in Content Genie Software.

Drawbacks of Content Genie Software – Are there Any? Yes.

Enough of good points and praises. Let’s get critical somewhat.

As with humans and with every other thing on this Earth, Content Genie Software isn't without its flaws either.

Weak Social Media Management

While it offers an array of tools for content creation, it might not serve your social media management needs to the fullest due to its limitations.

Though it has the functionality to connect your 6 social media accounts: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, YouTube.

And it can also connect your WordPress Account and Medium Account.

It all seems like an extensive range of social media platforms, but as per my test trials of the system, the social media modules had some functionality glitches.

Some of the connections worked fine but some were having problems.

When I contacted the tech support a couple of times, somehow, they responded promptly and positively and wanted to resolve the issues.

What I understand is they have been working on the backend and were trying to fix some issues due to which the front end kept on facing some glitches for the users.

However, with time, major issues were seemingly sorted out.

It probably is not all doom and gloom.

It is only one module - the social media management seems weak.

In my honest suggestion, you may look for other alternative choices of tools which only specialize in social media management, if you are keen on social media management.

Keep your expectations low. You may consider this as a bonus if it works fine for you.

For me, a few social media posts for some platforms are being created successfully (not all).

Main Strength of Content Genie Software

Content Genie AI

Please note that the main strength of Content Genie Software lies in simplifying and enhancing the content creation process, and that it does exceedingly well.

The six powerful tools have done a good job in creating very useful human-like content and I was surprised to see the good quality.

6 AI Sales Content Creation Tools

Email Script Writer

You must provide a good prompt or description of what you want to write about in 2 -3 lines, and you will get your email script.

Bad prompt, bad output. This is the critical hidden aspect of all AI generated content. At least humans should also do some work too.

PAS Sales Copy

PAS is a sales terminology i.e. Pain, Agitate and Solution.

With the help of this marketing formula, Content Genie helps to churn out good script.

AIDA sales Copy

AIDA is another marketing jargon i.e. Attention, Interest, Desire and Action.

This is also a powerful way to produce a sales copy to sell any product or service.

Content Paraphraser

This is a very useful tool. You may get any article, news story from the web and can get it paraphrased in different words and way.

That will become a totally different unique copy which you may use where required for the purpose of content curation.

Content Summarizer

This is also a very handy tool. It can summarize in a paragraph or two any article given to this tool.

And it provides a good quality summary keeping the actual core points intact. It can also help in content curation.

Grammar Sentence Checker

Those who want a human like editor to check their copy for grammar and mistakes, then this is very handy and convenient tool.

Content Genie Software Limitations

Please note that AI (Artificial Intelligence) is not Human. So don’t expect wonders and magic with click of buttons with Content Genie Software.

You should also work along with AI and should check the stuff and edit it where necessary and should also expand more where necessary.

With this approach, AI and human teaming up will help to create a real piece of good writing.

Don’t act blindly and copy and paste the ‘as is’ content from Content Genie Software.

If you just want to click, copy and paste, then you may be doing some disservice to your business and the clients/customers.

Try to add some value, so that both Robot and Human should be happy.

Content Genie Software Pricing

Content Genie Pricing

Now comes the most important point, which we all wait for.

Content Genie Software’s optimized pricing strategy makes it accessible for every scale of business as well as for freelancers.

From basic packages to exclusive upgrades, you have the freedom to select according to your needs and budget, ensuring optimal worth for your money.

Front End: USD 39
Upgrade 1: Unlimited (USD 97/Y)
Upgrade 2: Pro (USD 67)
Upgrade 3: Agency (USD 47)
Upgrade 4: Reseller (USD 147)
Total is USD 397

You will have a choice during the purchase which to buy and which not.

In addition, there is also a Bundle Offer available: USD 297

In addition, you may also get USD 50 discount making the final price at USD 247 for the Bundle offer.

These bundle offers are available in a limited way through limited sites, mostly with the company affiliates.

Important Caveat!

One surprising aspect of the whole deal is the hidden Annual Yearly Recurring Fee of USD 48 per annum (That makes it just USD 4 per month).

However, it is only applicable on the upgraded packages or those who buy the Bundle Deal with all the features.

Normally, it is not prominently mentioned on their sales pages. Sometimes they reveal it in webinars or on some limited sales pages. I thought I should make it very clear here on my website.

Whatever Content Genie Software package you choose, you may be charged again USD 48 after a year. Or else, if you cancel it before that then it will not be charged.

Price Comparison

If you compare the pricing with the similar tools in the market, you will find the price of Content Genie Software very reasonable and affordable.

Since most of the tools out there are expensive and are subscription based on moderate to high prices. So, I guess this is also the differentiating factor of the product.

Personal Experience

Let me share that I have lived with Content Genie Software for more than a year now.

I purchased the Bundle package for USD 247 in November 2022. And then later after a year in November 2023, I was charged the annual USD 48.

As you may see, I purchased the product and renewed my last annual run as well and kept testing and using for adequate amount of time before I thought to write about it.

And here I am finally writing about it. I have gone through my ups and downs.
When the product was new, there were more technical glitches in the tools, but thankfully, they kept listening and upgraded the version by fixing most of the things.

My Skepticism

Initially, I somehow remained skeptical about the product and many times thought about canceling my subscription, but whenever I wanted to find to switch over to something different, I stopped as the price for other similar products was much higher, and frankly I was not ready to pay higher price at that time of year.

Most of the AI Content Creation tools are monthly subscription-based AI tools which may range from USD 10 pm to USD 50 per month, depending upon the features). And some tools are credits-based system, for which you have to buy credits to create content.

Two such good tools are Jasper ai and SBI Tai

Click Here to Visit Jasper

Click Here to Visit SBI Tai

(though there are many more… just providing you with some examples…)

As I also love to write myself and always wrote my own articles, and blogs, that is why I remained hesitant and was not willing to spend on such tools which I thought I could do myself.

The only limitation with me was the scarcity of time, perhaps not the skill.

Yes, I agree what I was looking for was something which should assist me in freeing up my time.

But in the flow, I discovered that AI too could write well too.

At least my myth and skepticism were largely shattered.

I became the product affiliate more than a year later after testing and using the platform for a good amount of time.

How to Buy Content Genie Software or Try Risk Free!

Content Genie 6

You have two options.

Option 1

Either you can go directly to the following affiliate link and buy it directly from the company.

Frontend: USD 39

Click Here To Buy The Frontend License

Bundle Package: USD 297

Click Here To Buy The Bundle Package

Option 2 - Special Offer

I want to give you a special offer – but limited and short.

I have limited Reseller Licenses for Content Genie Software.

I will give the test drive of the Content Genie Software Platform only for 5 people FREE without paying the Front End USD 39

You can fill up the form below and I will make you the Content Genie Owner with your own user and password. You can test drive the system and keep it for FREE.

Content Genie FREE License

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

If there are more people, I will make a draw for 5 people, honestly and blindly at my end.

I will only congratulate and send the email to the draw winners for the FREE Content Genie Software Copy.

Those who do not receive the email. I regret they may not have been selected in the draw for 5.

However, you still will have the option to buy the Front-End Content Genie Software Commercial License for USD 39 and test it for 14 days Risk Free with Money Back guarantee through the following link.

Frontend: USD 39

Click Here To Buy The Frontend License

Bundle Package: USD 297

Click Here To Buy The Bundle Package

If you feel that you will need some assistance to help you in writing and crafting some good content, remember Content Genie Software may help you if you allow it to help you.

You may take advantage of my limited time offer. For that please fill in the form above.


Content Genie 7

To sum it up, for anyone struggling with the troubles of content creation, Content Genie Software, despite its minor limitations, offers a high value, cost-effective and all-round solution.

Take advantage of Content Genie’s benefits, tailor-made to suit your needs.

If you haven’t already tried Content Genie Software yet, then let this platform help your business’s content creation process.

I have provided you with an impartial review and roundup of the Content Genie Software as well as sharing my own personal experiences.

I wish you all the best of luck in your decision. Though I have tried my best to make it even easier for you and risk free to try Content Genie Software.

However, still don’t feel pushed. The decision is all yours. We respect your decision either way.

Zeerik Ahmad

The above product review is written by Zeerik Ahmad the Founder of IdeasBeat- eMagazine.

IdeasBeat is an online Magazine which brings selected curated diverse ideas, stories and resources from all around the world.