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Who Is An ENFP ...

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ENFP is one of the 16 personality types of MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator). This is one of the most globally recognized personality understanding instrument that provides you a good insight about what type of a person you are why you behave the way you do and what preferences you usually have in life.

ENFP stands for Extraverted, Intuitive, Feeling and Perceiving. Although this four-letter word seems to be over simplistic and vague but it has a super power hidden in it to reveal about yourself which you may not have understood before in life.


Extraverted means, you draw your energy from people e.g., when you discuss and express your ideas, concepts, imagination in a conversation etc.


Intuitive means, you process information mostly based on the intuitive powers rather than through 5 senses. 


Feeling means, you like to make decisions on your feeling first rather than thinking or objective analysis.


Perceiving means, you prefer open-ended structures without micro-managing.

Why it is important to know about your type …

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The simple answer is, of course it is not important to know about your type. You always have a choice to live your life the way you do it at present. However, there are many those as well who have the curiosity to know about themselves better. Because it helps them to have the informed choices in life and make the right decision at any juncture of their life.

ENFP Personality Types

ENFP personality types are imaginative, creative and idealistic. They hate the repetitive routines and mundane activities. They like ideas and concepts. They like discussions, brainstorming and new projects. They like diversity and variety in life. They like to explore things more and like to keep on learning in their lifetime. They are not permanent settlers at one place. 

These are such characteristics which apparently have all the positive and inspiring attributes, but on the other hand it can also reflect some weaknesses as well, since they have a problem with sticking to one thing at a time.

Nevertheless, they are charismatic people and when ENFP types find their true calling or platform, perhaps no one can beat them. They are spontaneous and always with loads of ideas. They are also very good problem solvers.

Some Famous ENFP Personality Types 

Although Some famous ENFP personality types are listed below but of course these are not the end-of-all list. These personalities have been identified from time to time by various researchers, writers, psychologists and analysts, which are available on various websites. 


  • Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain), U.S. journalist and author
  • Charles Dickens, English author
  • Anne Frank, German-Jewish diarist
  • Theodor Geisel (Dr. Seuss), U.S. children’s book author
  • Kurt Vonnegut, U.S. novelist
  • Bill Bryson, U.S. author
  • Hunter S. Thompson, U.S. gonzo journalist
  • Anais Nin, French diarist and author


  • Bill Cosby, U.S. comedian
  • Robin Williams, U.S. comedian and actor
  • Amy Schumer, U.S. comedian and actress
  • Ellen Degeneres, U.S. comedian and talk show host
  • Jerry Seinfeld, U.S. comedian and actor
  • George Carlin, U.S. comedian
  • Andy Kaufman, U.S. comedian and performance artist
  • Ricky Gervais, English comedian

Actors & Filmmakers

  • Walt Disney, U.S. director and producer
  • Sandra Bullock, U.S. actress
  • Drew Barrymore, U.S. actress
  • Jennifer Aniston, U.S. actress
  • Elle Fanning, U.S. actress
  • Keanu Reeves, U.S. actor
  • Martin Freeman, English actor
  • Meg Ryan, U.S. actress
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar, U.S. actress
  • Cuba Gooding, Jr., U.S. actor
  • Russell Brand, English actor
  • J. J. Abrams, U.S. director
  • Daniel Radcliffe, English actor
  • Kat Dennings, U.S. actor
  • Orson Welles, U.S. actor and director
  • Regis Philbin, U.S. talk and game show host


  • John Lennon,, English musician
  • Bob Dylan, U.S. musician
  • Bruce Springsteen, U.S. rocker
  • Cher, U.S. singer and actress
  • Gwen Stefani, U.S. singer and designer
  • Joan Jett, U.S. musician
  • Jewel, U.S. singer-songwriter
  • Melissa Etheridge, U.S. musician
  • Ozzy Osbourne, English heavy metal musician
  • Janis Joplin, U.S. musician
  • Justin Timberlake, U.S. singer and actor
  • Franz Joseph Haydn, Austrian composer

Politicians & Journalists

  • Fidel Castro, Cuban revolutionary
  • Muammar Gaddafi, Libyan revolutionary
  • Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iranian president
  • Che Guevara, Cuban revolutionary
  • James Dobson, U.S. evangelical leader
  • Rachel Maddow, U.S. talk show host and author
  • Julian Assange, Australian journalist and WikiLeaks founder
  • Katie Couric, U.S. journalist and talk show host


  • Dwight Gooden, U.S. pitcher
  • Drew Brees, U.S. quarterback
  • Yao Ming, Chinese center
  • Tom Brady, U.S. quarterback
  • Jerry Rice, U.S. wide receiver
  • Kevin Garnett, U.S. power forward and center


  • Dave Thomas, U.S. founder of Wendy’s restaurants


  • Brian Cox, English physicist and television host
  • Michio Kaku, U.S. physicist and futurist
  • Fictional Characters
  • Po from the Kung Fu Panda movies
  • The Genie from Aladdin
  • Finn from Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  • Eliza Doolittle from My Fair Lady
  • Ron Weasley from Harry Potter
  • Johanna from The Hunger Games
  • Faramir from The Lord of the Rings
  • Willy Wonka from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  • Renly Baratheon from Game of Thrones
  • Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes
  • Harley Quinn from DC Comics
  • Cookie Lyon from Empire
  • Ariel from The Little Mermaid
  • George Bailey from It’s A Wonderful Life
  • The 11th Doctor from Doctor Who

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How many ENFPs exist in the world?

As per some estimates, ENFP types make up:

• 8% of the general population

• 10% of women

• 6% of men

ENFP Strengths

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Great communicators. 

ENFP types usually have excellent communication skills in writing and speaking. They can easily start a conversation or engage anyone in a prolonged a deep conversation.

Creative & Imaginative

ENFP types show the height of imagination which are also reflected in solving day to day problems or professional problems. They can also find ways during the crisis and difficult times.

Inspiring Leaders

ENFP types usually have inborn talents to lead and let people follow through their charisma and charm. They like to mentor and coach people to get things done instead of displaying authoritative powers.

Ethical Conscience

ENFP types like to stick to the ethical sides of life and stay away from unnecessary conflict and disharmony. They usually have strong consciences. It also reflects in their compassion and empathy.

ENFP Weaknesses

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It is also important to understand about the weaknesses. This world is not perfect. We all come with full package – some good points and some bad points. And when we understand our bad points we can better manage them too.

No Follow-up and Lack of focus 

This is one of the serious flip sides of ENFP types. They like to initiate but don’t like to complete. That is also one of the reasons that they may not be persistence for long. The best combination of ENFP is with someone who is able to do things meticulously with details. This way ENFP can function very well. They need the support of the other types to make it a success.


Sometimes ENFP type can overthink on certain things where the actual reality may be otherwise. It can especially happen in relationships, people and colleagues. They also are perceptive about people’s behavior, and if they don’t understand it well, they may think otherwise.

Approval-Seeking Behavior

ENFPs usually think intuitively but they also want approval of their ideas, concepts and suggestions whether it about others and about them.

The ENFP at Work

ENFP staff at work

ENFPs normally do not like micro-management for themselves nor they want to do it for others. They like to have a freedom of work with flexibility. They do not like the typical routine repetitive work. They like creative environments where they can work with ideas and concepts.

Top Careers for the ENFP

Based on the typical profile of ENFP, we are listing below some possible and compatible areas of work that may suit ENFPs better.


  • Actor
  • Dancer or Choreographer
  • Music Director or Composer
  • Musician or Singer
  • Producer or Director

Media and Communication

  • Interpreter
  • Photographer
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Reporter
  • Writer or Author

Arts and Design

  • Art Director
  • Fashion Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Interior Designer
  • Landscape Architect

Education, Training, and Library

  • Archivist or Curator
  • Elementary School Teacher
  • Librarian
  • Childcare Center Director
  • College Professor
  • Teacher Assistant

Personal Care and Service

  • Fitness Trainer or Instructor
  • Skincare Specialist
  • Counsellor

Business and Sales

  • Fundraiser
  • Human Resources Specialist
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Meeting or Convention Planner
  • Training or Development Specialist
  • Real Estate Broker
  • • Travel Agent


  • Anthropologist or Archaeologist
  • Conservation Scientist or Forester
  • Psychologist
  • Sociologist
  • Urban or Regional Planner


  • Chiropractor
  • Nutritionist
  • Massage Therapist
  • Midwife
  • Recreational Therapist
  • Health Educator
  • Rehabilitation Counselor
  • Social Worker

You can also check for more details here

Careers to Avoid for ENFPs

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Now if you are still not sure what to choose, then the other reverse side may also help you better to decide. Check out some of the below listed professions, that seemingly may not be a good fit with ENFPs.

  • Financial Manager
  • Judge
  • Flight Engineer
  • Civil Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Computer Software Engineer
  • Systems Analyst
  • Chemical Engineer
  • Factory Supervisor
  • Police Officer
  • Dentist
  • Pathologist
  • Chemist

ENFP as a team member

ENFPs are often open-minded and are ready to listen to many radical ideas. They love such people on their team and thrive with them. However, more regimented thinking makes ENFPs uncomfortable.

ENFP as a Leader

ENFP as a leader are excellent leaders, they motivate, inspire, mentor and coach their team members to do their best and outstretch. People like to follow them on their own. They don’t micro-manage and give open room and flexibility to let them act.

ENFPs and Other Personality Types

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Although you may have understood about the ENFPs and their flexible, warm and charming personality. It is also useful to understand that in your life, you are surrounded by many people, your spouse, your family and friends. Let’s checkout who are better compatible with ENFPs and who are not.

ENFP can get along well with the following types:

  • INFP
  • ENTP
  • ENFP
  • ENFJ 

ENFPs with Differences

There may be few other personality types who may not gel well with ENFPs. These are:

  • INTP
  • INFJ
  • ESFP
  • ENTJ

Potential Matches

In addition, there are some types who may be good potential match with ENFPs are...

  • ISFP
  • INTJ
  • ESTP
  • ESFJ

The Opposite Types

Yes. There are also some types, which are opposites of ENFPs

  • ISTP
  • ISTJ
  • ISFJ
  • ESTJ

ENFPs in Relationships

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ENFPs are warm, enthusiastic and very expressive in close relationships. They accept them as they are and want the same freedom for them. They like the others to understand their creative freedom. They also want to motivate and inspire the close ones to follow their dreams and aspirations. They dislike conflict and prefer to avoid than to engage. They may be very sensitive at times depending upon the moods. Sometimes, they can also be unpredictable because they can be impulsive or quick to choose and follow some direction without adequate thinking.

ENFPs as Parents

As parents, ENFPs are very warm and supportive. They like to encourage children to follow their own paths. They are not hard disciplinarians. They like to give freedom of thought and action as they like it for themselves. They want to establish their relationship based on love and trust.

Some Interesting ENFP Quotes

"Their enthusiasm is boundless and is often contagious, making them the most vivacious of all the types, and also inspiring others to join their cause."

- David Keirsey, 

"They may be inspiring teachers, scientists, artists, advertising or salespeople, or almost anything they want to be."

- Isabel Briggs Myers

"ENFPs' ability to empower others is one of their most impressive contributions to the workplace."

- Otto Kroeger

Summing Up

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With all the above good points and a few bad points, ENFP types are great people to work with and to live with. But unfortunately, they may have a hard time to establish themselves in one profession or career and also they may have a hard time to become very successful in terms of financial wealth for the majority of ENFPs.

However, those who can actually connect to their right profession early in life or maximum in the mid-life, they may have a better chance of making it a big success with big monetary gains.

This is also the reason behind knowing about the MBTI and your personality type, since it can help you to self-discover yourself as early as possible to take good advantage of the MBTI personality typing. Even this knowledge can also help you to choose the right spouse for you. 

Moreover, finding your type will certainly help you to manage your overall life, career, work and relationships in a much better manner.

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