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How Do You find Passion

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The concept of finding passion may be a bit overhyped. It is usually understood that for a fulfilling life you need to be passionate about something and find that related work where you can use that passion.

It is easier said than done.

As 90% of the people on this Earth are not doing it effectively, or they don’t know what their passions are, or they think what this nonsense is about.

90% is a big number out of 8 billion people, Isn’t it?

Is this majority wrong, or right?

In my opinion, the answer is not that simple, it is somewhere in between.

Human beings are mostly complex creatures. A minority of people may have very clear answers from their childhood about what they want and what they want to become in life.

But most of us do not have those simple answers. And many have to struggle for long or sometime whole for their lives, and some prefer not even to struggle for it and just to go with the flow of life.

Finding Passion – The practical way forward

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Finding passion needs to be reframed and re-questioned to make it easier and practical for our understanding.

Passion is simply the burning desire to do something and exert in something with whole of your heart and soul. But practically in many people there may not be enough burning desire for anything.

A taxi driver who drives a cab every day may not be passionate about driving a car every day but considers it a good livelihood to feed his family.

The concept of having a burning desire for something may not have occurred to him in his life, nor to his father who was also driving a taxi, and nor to his grandfather who also used to drive a taxi.

But he still seems to be pretty happy about what he does and that keeps him healthy and alive.

Does he really take the time out to go for finding passion, and to know his burning desire.

Well, maybe yes. But realistically, he is not doing it somehow.

There are thousands of such examples in our society, the people who do all those mundane jobs, their main purpose is to earn a livelihood for their families first and to feed them. He or she may not be much concerned about what feeds his or her soul and heart at this time in life.

People at this level may not have the luxury of finding their passions due to the life setting, constraints, and responsibilities.

People on the other side of the planet…

road to passion

Those who are in the middle and upper middle segment of the society, and are studying in the colleges and universities, may have the luxury to know about the significance of living a passionate life.

Finding passion and the burning desire for work is important for success, it is taught there, and they struggle to find it too.

At this level even, not all find it right, and still not all can live a passionate life.
Therefore, perhaps we end up in about 5% of the people in this world living a truly passionate life and in perfect harmony with their heart, soul and mind and having found the ideal work in their life for which they are truly driven for each and every day of their life. Of course, it may be a utopian setting.

The 5% Envy Factor

With all said and done, though this is the holistic setting of the world roughly, but what is the issue here.

The 5% Envy factor.

The issue is the envy factor of those 5% in this world who are living fulfilling lives and hopefully with extrinsic and intrinsic success as well.

Somehow, all these 95% just tend to envy those 5%, and secretly desire to become one of those.

Are You a TREE

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But this mostly remains a pipe dream for them since they mostly have become TREES.

They do not want to leave the place where they are, they do not want to make an effort for something they may desire, they do not want to change because they may fear it , they do not want to discuss, so that they may not get carried away in wasting time on such trivialities.

They are locked in their settings, they are locked in their minds, and they have become TREES, not humans anymore who are supposed to be the most supreme holy creation which God has promised with immense mental powers and talents.

They are living robots and are leading a dull life. Dullness has overpowered their lives and dulled their senses even to listen to something right.

They do not hear the internal voices as well; they do not see the other side of the planet as well. They live as they are, and they die one day as they were.

On top of it all, they have started to like it that way, and they have started to love it that way. And now this is simply their passion, and they are living it. Period.

In case if you don’t like what has been said, I will really like it, and if you do disagree with me, I will really like it and if you do have thoughts and opinions I will really like, and if you do listen to something else I will really like it, and if you do want the idea of being envious of 5% on this earth I will like it.

Journey of Passion…

Book of passion

But will be it enough. Of course not. The journey to the other part of the world is long, hard, and arduous. But this is not only about having a greener pasture in the far away land, this is also not about what glitters is not always gold.

This is about the actual gold which is hidden right inside you. It is still unexplored, and it is still untapped, and it is still aching to come out.

It will need your help and it will need your ears to listen to it. Listen to it, Act on it, go on a ‘finding passion’ journey and find the true calling in your life and you will soon be in the 5% who others will envy too.

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