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What is Holistic Life Coaching? In short and simply speaking, it is about living a good life in a holistic way, personally and professionally. To have the right career, right spouse, right business, and right health.

Can it all be achieved? May be not. Can some of it be achieved? Certainly, Yes.

Holistic Life Coaching Expectations

Let’s be realistic. We cannot fix all the problems in this world whether it is about hunger issues, poverty issues or country economic issues.

Similarly, we cannot fix all the issues in our personal lives as well whether it is about not having the dream job in life, not having a dream girl/wife in your life, and not having a dream health/body.

Despite all the imperfections, and deprivations, we still can do our part to some extent, and we can get results to some extent to improve our lives.

That is the belief and philosophy I want to take it forward.

From the corporate terminology, I would call it ‘Kaizen’, which is a Japanese word very often used in the Quality Assurance domain that means ‘continual incremental improvements.’

That is simply what holistic life coaching is all about.

Growth Of Holistic Life Coaching

In other parts of the First World, holistic life coaching has been very well received and is being practiced and taken positively, and people are willing to seek help to improve their lives.

That is also one of the reasons that there is a big Self-help industry in the USA.

Holistic Life coaching in Pakistan may be limited and misunderstood.

People in Pakistan may have inhibitions to express about their private lives, and they tend not to trust the third person.

And it may also often happen that they may think they know everything under the Sun and have all the solutions to correct things.

Or, on the other hand, they may be willing to drag the imperfect lives and misery for many known and unknown reasons for many more years.

According to my opinion that is quite Okay too to have such a mindset.

It is not a matter of right and wrong. Sometimes, we are stuck in the prevailing mindset or cultural circumstances which provides inertia, forcing us not to move forward.

Well, though life coaches can’t help much in such a situation, they can only help those who prefer to reach out to seek help.

As it says, ‘the teacher only appears when the student is ready’.

I will try to make IdeasBeat a Holistic life Coaching Platform, where people can also learn to Do It Themselves.

(DIY) Holistic Life coaching without even opening your mouth and mind to anyone. For some, it may be more comfortable this way.

This is very much possible, that is the reason that there is huge amount of holistic life coaching material online and offline available all over the world. You just have to be willing to learn it.

As it says, ‘If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you, and if you are determined to learn, no one can stop you’. (by Zig Ziglar)

On the positive note, Holistic Life coaching in Pakistan has started growing. And people are now willing to consult and get coached to improve their lives for the better.

career coaching

If you want to find the right job which fits you perfectly like a comfortable shoe. You need to work on it. Or else, most likely you will not get it...

If you still feel that you can do better in your work life somewhere else than the existing company, then you may need to develop some strategy for it.

If you think you are completely out of sync with the work life and want something out of the box, certainly this not a crazy thought, you may have need a mental paradigm shift first.

Therefore, we all desire a better and fulfilling way to move forward in life. But only a few may take some action on it.

This is simply what Career Coaching is all about.

sME Business Coaching

business coaching

The Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are the real engine behind the economy. 

But they need to grow and become big as well. For that they need some thought, planning, goals and action to get there. 

Those who don't want to move forward may remain there forever. But those who are desirous to grow more and move forward, this is all about SME Business Coaching.

Idea Behind Holistic Life Coaching

I strongly believe that life is not boxed.

We always desire to have a fulfilling work, satisfying relationships, good health, abundance of wealth and time to unwind too.

We as humans are not just one thing. We contain oceans within us.

The importance of holistic living is often overlooked in the race for specialization.

IdeasBeat will endeavor to create that lost balance.

When it comes to publishing and production we believe in the motto of 'less is more'.

Instead of Quantity we would try to prefer Quality.

Please browse through the website top navigation links to explore more about it.

Happy Living!

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About Myself

Zeerik Ahmad

Zeerik Ahmad
Writer, Author, Coach & Mentor
Certified Six Sigma black Belt

I have been attached with the corporate sector for about 25+ years in Pakistan and the Middle East. That includes mainstream banking, real estate, education and consulting.

I have been extensively involved in Quality, Corporate & Marketing Communications as well as art & science of improvement in business and personal life.

I gradually gravitated more and more toward the writing, marketing communications consultancy and holistic life coaching.

Originally, I started IdeasBeat as a personal blog cum online magazine to write articles on diverse topics which I still do.

In addition, I now do selective Holistic Life coaching to extend my passion, expertise and experience to help add value in others’ lives.