Islamabad Cooperative Housing Society (ICHS)

Away From Islamabad Yet in Islamabad

Islamabad Cooperative Housing Society (ICHS) Main Gate

Islamabad Cooperative Housing Society (ICHS) is like a secret garden which may be hiding from the naked eye.

It is located far off from Islamabad on the Fateh Jang Road almost 50 kilometers from the main Islamabad Zero Point. It will take about 60-80 minutes to reach that place.

Background Information for Islamabad Cooperative Housing Society (ICHS)

Islamabad Cooperative Housing Society (ICHS) started its concept about 20 years earlier probably in 2003 onwards.

The Society was registered by retired and ex-bureaucrats combined with some additional investors.

The original idea behind the concept was to buy some inexpensive land away from main Islamabad and develop it as an affordable housing scheme.

The progress was gradually made and Phase 1 of the ICHS was launched with about 5500 kanals of acquired land.

The development work made its way forward and with some gaps. Eventually Phase 1 of Islamabad Cooperative Housing Society (ICHS) got fully developed by 2022.

The development infrastructure includes the underground electricity, sewerage, water tanks, metaled roads, area for mosque, schools, clinic, parks, and commercial area.

Current Status of Islamabad Cooperative Housing Society (ICHS)

Phase 1 of Islamabad Cooperative Housing Society (ICHS) is ready for possession. And those who buy any residential plot can start their house construction as well.

The ICHS is divided into various blocks with its main boulevard which runs in the center. The main gate of the Society is fully built with 24/7 security guards and check post to enter the society.

There are 1 kanal plots, 10 marla and 5 marla plots available. The buying and selling of plots is now through the property dealers in the secondary market.

The plot transfer shall be done in the ICHS office located in the ICHS. One additional small office is also located in the Blue area Islamabad.

Pricing for Islamabad Cooperative Housing Society (ICHS)


The pricing of the Islamabad Cooperative Housing Society (ICHS) is very reasonable even as of Oct 2023.

The following are the estimated price ranges.

  • 1 Kanal Plot: PKR 28 to 40 Lacs
  • 10 Marla Plot: PKR 15 to 20 Lacs
  • 5 Marla Plot: PKR 10- 15 Lacs

These rates may change, please consult the property dealers for the updated rate status.

Future Outlook for Islamabad Cooperative Housing Society (ICHS)


The Islamabad Cooperative Housing Society (ICHS) has planned to launch Phase 2 and has started acquiring new land.

As they have already delivered Phase 1 to the allottees' satisfaction, the society management wants to further expand it with more land.

Road Network

Currently, the access to Islamabad Cooperative Housing Society (ICHS) is through Srinagar Highway and then through Fateh Jang Road. It is about 50 kilometers away from the main Zero Point and takes about 1 hour to reach or from ICHS.

However, there is a new road under construction which is expected to be completed in the next 2 years.

This new road connects Srinagar Highway and extending it beyond the Airport.

After the completion of this new road, people will not have to travel through the Fateh Jang Road. They can straight-away keep traveling on the Srinagar Highway and can reach the Islamabad Cooperative Housing Society (ICHS) entrance point conveniently in about 30-40 minutes. And the distance will also be reduced to about 30-35 kilometers.

This is going to be a major flagship milestone for ICHS. And it will help to appreciate its value in future as well.

Nearby Communities

The nearest society under construction is the State Life Insurance Employees Cooperative Housing Society (SLIECHS). However, it is semi developed yet, somewhat behind schedule as of Oct 2023.

Nova City Housing Society is another leading name which is about 3 kilometers away from the Islamabad Cooperative Housing Society (ICHS). It is a bigger society with a bigger infrastructure. And it has recently got direct access to DIK Motorway interchange, that connects directly with the Peshawar motorway M1. The society is about 80% already developed. And possession of plots is also available on sale.

On the other side of ICHS there is Motorway City which is also about 3 kilometers away. It is also under development.

The Nearby Amenities Around Islamabad Cooperative Housing Society (ICHS)

The Islamabad Cooperative Housing Society (ICHS) is a gated community which just completed its phase 1, and a few people have just started their residential house construction recently in 2023.

The commercial areas in ICHS are fully developed but not constructed or not populated yet. As there is no such population to serve.

However, as the time passes the basic amenities will be found within the ICHS society that will include the grocery, laundry, tailoring and other household accessories and services.

At present, those early inhabitants may have to go out of ICHS Town to buy their groceries and other services until the time they get it inside the ICHS. But that goes with any newly developed society.

In one way, it may seem like a disadvantage, but on the other hand, it is encouraging to know that society is fully developed, and people start moving to live there.

Currently, for those who are retired from their active job or work life, it may be the ideal place to live as you will not have to commute daily, nor you have to worry about the children’s school and colleges.

However, for those who do have young families, such a commute still should not be a problem if you plan it right.

Regulatory & Legal Clearances for Islamabad Cooperative Housing Society (ICHS)


The Islamabad Cooperative Housing Society (ICHS) has obtained all related regulatory and legal clearances. Some of these are mentioned below.

Cooperative Society Registration

  • The society is registered with the ICT administration cooperative societies department.
  • Registration No. 313, Co-operative Societies Department, ICT, Islamabad.

Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA)

  • NOC No. 567/SL/N-I/TP/TMAF from Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA), Fateh Jang.

Ministry of Defence

  • NOC No.6/53/Misc/D-28/2008 from Ministry of Defence, Government of Pakistan.

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)

  • NOC No. HQCAA/1124/44/ATS(P/C) 2693 for Construction from Civil Aviation Authority, Headquarters, Karachi.

Environmental Protection Department:

  • NOC No. DD(EIA)EPA/F-80(IEE)/0307/2009/2892 from Environmental Protection Department, Government of Punjab.

Summing Up


Overall, when I visited the ICHS, I just loved its location, away from the hustle bustle of life. Calm, serene, and tranquil surroundings. And when I got to know about the going plot rates, I was ready to go there with head over heels.
For the broader perspective, the developed 1 kanal plot in main Islamabad is around 5-10 crores.

The developed plot is the other developed society like Gulberg Greens, Bahria Enclave, DHA Islamabad, and some other societies are around 2-4 crores for 1 Kanal plot.

The distance of these 2-Tier societies to Zero Point in Islamabad also ranges from 20 – 35 kilometers with commute time of about 30-60 minutes.
Now with this broader context of reality, in terms of the value addition, as far as the pricing is concerned, Islamabad Cooperative Housing Society (ICHS) is probably unbeatable.

Although the current ICHS brand value may not have the same hype as other high-end housing schemes in Islamabad, and the route to ICHS may be little bit twisty to reach at the place.

However, even if you consider these factors, it may be temporary until the time when the new roads are made. And with the passage of time, society gets populated. Eventually Islamabad Cooperative Housing Society (ICHS) will create its own brand value and ease of access as well.

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