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Islamabad Rawalpindi Ring Road (IRRR) is an ambitious project for the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

The current population for Islamabad is around 1.5 million and for Rawalpindi it is about 2.5 million, and with combined population it is about 4 million population in the twin cities.

The population increase rate is quite fast and both cities are quite smart and keep on improving the existing infrastructure as per the changing needs and requirements.

Other Ring Roads in Pakistan

In Pakistan there three major Ring Roads.

  1. Lahore Ring Road
  2. Peshawar Ring Road
  3. Hyderabad outer Ring Road

Why Ring Road

The concept of Ring Road is to develop a circular road around the congested city including its downtown.

This circular road helps to reach different parts of the city easily and smoothly.

Though the distance is longer in kilometers, but it gets shorter in time, as you will avoid getting stuck in the city traffic for hours.

The Islamabad Rawalpindi Ring Road (IRRR) is the answer for the present and future to help ease out the traffic flow and keep the infrastructure upgraded.

About Islamabad Rawalpindi Ring Road Project

The project for Islamabad Rawalpindi Ring Road was approved a few years back by the RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority) which was originally conceptualized in 1990s, and at that time it was stalled due to some political and economic constraints. The authorities originally allocated 6.7 billion at that time.

In 2008, new study was carried out, according to which 75 kilometers connecting Channi Sher with Fateh Jang was approved.

Later it was decided by CDA (Capital Development Authority) and RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority) to reduce the 75 kilometers to 54 Km for the budget constraints.

Then the need for the Ring Road re-emerged and it was finally approved in 2020.

The tender was relaunched in 2021 for 65 km with 6 lanes. Usman Buzdar Govt finally allocated PKR 50 billion for the Islamabad Rawalpindi Ring Road (IRRR) project with 2 years’ timeline.

10 Km would be developed by the CDA and the remaining 55 Km by RDA.

Salient Features of Islamabad Rawalpindi Ring Road


Following are some key features of Islamabad Rawalpindi Ring Road (IRRR)

  • It costs about PKR 50 billion.
  • It will be 65 kilometers long.
  • It will be 300 feet wide road.
  • The expected volume of traffic would be 50,000 vehicles on daily basis.
  • It will be developed in 3 phases.
  • The first phase will start from Rawat to Airport.
  • It will connect both M1 for Peshawar and M2 for Lahore.
  • There will be 10 overhead bridges and 6 Flyovers.
  • There will be 8 below mentioned interchanges.
  • M2 motorway interchange
  • Rawat Interchange
  • Adyla Interchange
  • Chakri Interchange
  • Radio Pakistan Interchange
  • Islamabad International Airport Interchange
  • Sangiani Interchange
  • Chak Beli Interchange.

It will start from Rawalpindi GT Road from Murat to Sangiani, about 50 kilometers from Rawat to Thallian interchange in Rawalpindi and about 16 kilometers in Islamabad region.

Within Islamabad, it will also pass through Margalla Road, F sectors, Kohsar, Bara Kahu, Kallar Seydan, Shah Allah Ditta, and Siri Saral.

It will also link the CPEC Route with Fateh Jang Road.

Map of Islamabad Rawalpindi Ring Road

The map of Islamabad Rawalpindi Ring Road (IRRR) project below is showing all the key points on the planned the Ring Road.

Map of Islamabad Rawalpindi Ring Road

Islamabad Rawalpindi Ring Road (IRRR) as an Economic Corridor

The concept behind Islamabad Rawalpindi Ring Road (IRRR) is not only easing out the traffic flow rather it will also become an important road artery for CPEC trade route.

  • Fruit and Vegetable market will be shifted near the Ring Road.
  • Wholesalers and trade will reap great benefit.
  • The Ring Road will further stimulate the real estate market in adjoining areas.
  • The Ring Road will be connecting with M1 motorway and will circle around the CPEC route.
  • There will be 3 new Satellite Zones to be developed in the vicinity of Islamabad Rawalpindi Ring Road (IRRR).

Advantages of IRRR

The Islamabad Rawalpindi Ring Road will bring many advantages:

  • Easing traffic congestion.
  • M1 & M2 Motorways can be easily accessible.
  • Islamabad International Airport will be an easy access.
  • More housing societies to come in the vicinity of IRRR.
  • Intercity congestion will also ease out.

Disadvantages of IRRR

  • The Islamabad Rawalpindi Ring Road (IRRR) would require big budgets.
  • There may be some challenges in the local lands to be acquired.
  • There may be some environmental affects and hazards.

Investment opportunities Around Islamabad Rawalpindi Ring Road (IRRR)

There may be many more investment opportunities with the development of Islamabad Rawalpindi Ring Road (IRRR). Some of housing societies are now close by within the vicinity of IRRR.

  • DHA Phase 2 & Phase 3
  • Capital Smart City
  • Nova City
  • Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi
  • Blue World city
  • Top City Islamabad

It is expected to increase their plot and house prices after the completion of IRRR.

Summing Up

Islamabad Rawalpindi Ring Road (IRRR) is an important milestone for the twin city of Rawalpindi and Islamabad especially for its infrastructure development.

It is much awaited, and it will transform the twin city lifestyle as well.

The commute between the Rawalpindi and Islamabad will also become easy and accessible. The far-off places and residential areas, once considered remote, will become more accessible with the new Islamabad Rawalpindi Ring Road (IRRR). And without doubt it will boost the economic activity in the twin city and attract more local and foreign investments.

You can also learn more Islamabad Rawalpindi Ring Road here.

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