Motivation in Organizational Behavior

Motivation Is The Essence of Life 

Showing motivation by holding hands

Motivation is the key to success in life. It drives individuals to achieve their goals and dreams. It is the essence of every positive mind who needs some driving force to excel in an organization as an employee or as an entrepreneur. Motivation is that energy which does not focus on setbacks of an individual but it concentrates on achieving what seems impossible. This is this motivation that helps employees to work in unfavorable situations. 

Motivation of doctors behind pandemic outbreak

During the pandemic of corona, doctors and paramedical staff would not be able to help people if they were not motivated. Motivation is a force. It is something that keeps us going in our own direction no matter how difficult it is. 

People who find they are no more motivated in an organization feels worthless which happens when their managers and leaders do not provide them with the good chunk of motivation in their workplace. Therefore, the role of leadership in an organization becomes very important in order to keep employees and managers motivated and stay on track to perform their duties efficiently. 

Let’s find out the exact definition and meaning of motivation

Finding the definition of motivation

Motivation is the ability that refers to a person’s or a team’s ability or capability to perform a task. It means skilled professionals have the ability to perform in an organization. 

Opportunity in motivation refers to the timing and situation around the task. It means how favorable and safe is the working environment for the personnel to perform or carry on with their duties. 

For instance, if a hospital sets out to be known for successful heart transplants, it must have a team of surgeons that are skilled in performing transplants (ability), and there must be adequate space and equipment to perform transplants, as well as patients who need them (opportunity). 

Motivation is the combination of two things that are ability and opportunity. 

Motivation is one of three key performance elements. In fact, scientific research suggests that performance is a function of ability, motivation and opportunity:

Performance = Function {Ability × Motivation × Opportunity}

Performance is measured by these three key elements of functioning of a role in an organization. Why we need motivation is to perform in an organization. Motivation is part of a functionality in an organization which indicates the overall performance of an employee at the end of the year. To perform better, members of an organization should be on the same page as well as equally motivated. 

There are ways to keep people motivated in an organization

Teamwork with motivation in action

If there is less motivation it will directly affect the performance of the work. Motivation can be boosted by leaders and managers through various ways. 

• It can be increased by giving appreciation, remarks of encouragement. 

• Monetary benefits and increase in payroll also help in increasing the levels of motivation among employees. 

• Words of appreciation, encouragement for employees

• Proactive behavior of manager to overlook mistakes and view them as learning part of an employee 

• Not negative remarks or taunting behavior for employees

• No threats for firing from job but giving mental space to learn and grow

• Provide professional trainings for acquiring new skills and stay up to date in their field

• Equally encourage women employees and consider them valuable members of an organization 

Employee friendly environment increases motivation

If organizational environment is not favorable, treating employees unethically then their level of motivation will be on zero, or it might end in resignations of employees. Therefore, it is of prime importance that high authorities recognize the power of motivation to make things work for their business growth as well as for their employees. 

Managers give opportunities but cannot instill ability

Can managers influence employees to be more productive by understanding their sources of motivation, or even creating sources of motivation for their employees? The answer is yes. Managers identify the problem areas, methods to increase motivation levels, as well as generating work opportunities for their employees. 

However, managers have little influence over ability, and they can only somewhat influence opportunity. Managers are supposed to provide opportunities for employees to work and show their best performance. 

Motivation is on top list of researchers

Demonstrating motivated team

Motivation is one of the most researched topics in organizational behavior. It is because a manager’s ability directly influences employee’s motivation can directly affect an organization’s ranking and reputation in the market.

Researchers say that motivation is not constant

The level of motivation does not remain constant. It varies from time to time. Motivation isn’t a stable state of mind, and what motivates an employee right now might not be the same a year later. But researchers don’t necessarily agree on the best way to accomplish that—and perhaps there is not one best approach.

Overall, there is no denying the fact, that motivation is the cornerstone for any good performance in an organization or in general life. It is always wise for all of us to plan and take continuous measures to increase the level of motivation for our staff.