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Murree Resorts home cottage view

Murree Resorts Housing Society is located between Islamabad and Murree. It is accessible only through Angoori road Murree. 

It is a housing society or colony which is semi organized by private real estate investors in their private and personal capacity. Surprisingly, it has been very well organized somewhat similar to any leading real estate developer in the country. 

Location of Murree Resorts

Location Of Murree Resorts

Generally, there are main 3 roads which lead to Murree from Islamabad.

One is the old Murree Road which was the main commercial road to travel to Murree from old times. 

The new addition is the Murree Express way, which is dual carriage road and is meticulously maintained regularly. 

The third road is called Angoori Road (Grape Road), which is also an old narrow road. That starts just before the Murree Express way.

In order to reach Murree Resorts, you most likely have to use the Angoori Road. The Murree Resorts venue is about 25 kilometers uphill at the height of about 4500 ft. That takes about 50 minutes to reach the venue.

However, the Angoori Road, from there onwards, further goes up about 15 kilometers to reach Patriata in about 30 minutes’ drive time.

Angoori Road runs somewhat parallel to the Murree Express way on the other side of the mountain. It leads straight to Patriata Chair Lift area, which is also called New Murree.

Land Sizes

Land sizes in Murree Resorts

The Murree Resorts land has been purchased by the private investors in their own names. They have developed the master plan of the housing society which has different blocks and proper plot numbers.

There are different sizes of plots available that includes 5 marla, 10 marla, 1 kanal, 2 kanal plots and more.

Weather at Murree Resorts

Weather At Murree Resorts

The weather at Murree Resorts is moderate. Neither very cold nor very hot. It doesn’t snow much, only sometimes. However, summers are generally cool during May to September. It is comfortable to live throughout the year at that place.

Murree Resorts Pricing

Murree Resorts Pricing

Plot Rates

The pricing of the plots is very attractive. (As of Sept 2021)

  • 5 Marla is PKR 11 Lacs
  • 10 Marla is PKR 18 Lacs
  • 1 Kanal is PKR 30 Lacs

Construction Cost

Construction cost has big range depending upon the quality of finishing one wants for his or her house.

  • It usually ranges from PKR 3000 – PKR 4000 per sq ft. for finished house.

If you aim to make a 1000 sq ft. 2-bedroom unit with PKR 3000 per sq ft. then it will cost about PKR 30 Lacs. (PKR  3 Million)

Facilities and Amenities at Murree Resorts

Facilities And Amenities At Murree Resorts

Murree Resorts housing society provides the following facilities and amenities.

  • Internal semi-cemented roads 
  • Sewerage system
  • Full Time Electricity (excluding the load shedding hours)
  • Water available through central water tank
  • Internet and Wi-Fi availability
  • Gated entrance
  • Basic Security Services
  • Site Office Support

The above facilities and amenities are the same what any developed society offers.

Food & Groceries Near Murree Resorts

Although there is no major market near the Murree Resorts but there are a few small shops which can cater to the daily needs of basic groceries including bread, eggs, butter and jam.

However, if you need to shop for more variety then it will take about 30 more minutes to drive up or down to get the major grocery items from the larger shops and markets.

In addition, there is no traffic congestion on the Angoori road. You can easily come downhill to the main Islamabad to hang around and do your major shopping.

Medical Services

Although there is no clinic inside Murree Resorts nor any pharmacy, but you can easily access the small pharmacy in the Patriata market and for any larger pharmacy and clinic services, you can reach Islamabad in about 50 minutes’ drive time.

Legal Side of the Things

The Murree Resorts land is apparently unencumbered without any legal problems since it has been privately bought from the villagers.

Currently, the owners have about 1500 kanals in possession.

The individual plot land is transferred through Sale Deed (Stamp paper) that is registered in the Murree Tehsil with proper transfer (Intiqal) and Fard  Mulkiyiat.

The purchaser will get the permanent title deed documents of the property.

Murree is in Punjab and is under Rawalpindi District.

Apparently, Murree Resorts housing does not have any legal issues and problems (however, for any further legal advices you may consult with the local authorities as well)

Anything More to Know About Murree Resorts

View of Murree Resorts

Murree Resorts is a housing society and colony in the Angoori village of Murree. It is a serene and tranquil place away from the normal hustle and bustle of life.

It is a getaway and secret hideout for those who may desire some exclusivity and privacy. And for those who want to live life close to nature and by yourself. And for those who want to enjoy scenic beauty of the mountains and pleasant weather.

Importance of Murree Expressway That runs closeby

Murree Expressway

Another important thing to know is that the main Murree Express way is getting the prime attention and the land cost and property prices are continuously on the rise.

For the year 2020 there has been some recession in the property transactions due to COVID-19, but during the mid-2021, real estate is now again on the rise and is expected to further escalate in the future. 

The leading famous brands which have already launched their projects on the Murree Express way are the Bahria Gold City, Bahria Enclave and Sky Gardens by Federal Government Housing Community. 

In addition, you will also find a Country Club apartments on the main Murree Express way. 

When you reach at the top point of Murree Express way, now you can also see the famous eatery brands lining up fast that includes Gloria Jeans, Second Cup and McDonald’s.

Murree Tehsil Background

Murree is a tehsil of Rawalpindi District. It falls under Punjab jurisdiction. Murree is an old town initially discovered and developed during the British Raj, who used to move to Murree during the scorching heat in Summers.

It is rapidly increasing in population. Currently there are about 250,000 local residents in the main Murree Tehsil that includes 15 union councils.

On average, Murree attracts huge number of tourists every year almost 25000 tourists every month and 300,000 every year. 

Although the main peak season is during the summers, but the benefit of Murree is that it is open throughout the year in every season including extreme winter months of December and January.

Many tourists come to see the snow falling during winters and enjoy the extreme cold weather as well.

The Murree Mountain resort was first discovered in 1851 by Major James Abbot and then was gradually developed later. It remained the Summer Headquarters of the British Raj till 1875 and then later shifted to Shimla.

Early developments in Murree included the Church, Lawrence College, Convent of Jesus and Mary, Military Hospital and the famous Mall Road for commercial market.

After the independence in 1947, Murree remained the attractive, popular and easily accessible mountain resort especially in the Punjab Province.

Investment in Murree Resorts

Multistorey house in Murree Resorts

It makes perfect sense to invest in Murree and its surrounding areas. The Main Murree and its surroundings are considered stable and well established hill station, and is open all year around.

Murree Resorts housing society is not in the main Murree. It is off Murree and in the outskirts area of Angoori Road, but that is the reason it provides excellent attractive pricing to buy and lock the deals. 

In real estate it is also about timing. Those who invested in the DHA, or Bahria Town some 20+ years ago, when there were no roads and infrastructures, they have now become millionaires with the continuous rise in the property value.

The prime location areas usually reach their peak soon and then due to scarcity, it gets hard to find the place with attractive pricing. That is equivalent of saturation point. 

Blindly following the herd mentality sometimes becomes counterproductive.

If you keep on investing at the same prime place with high prices, there may be high probability to lose some money in the future. 

On the other hand, if you invest in some areas which have futuristic growth potential but are relatively cheaper and inexpensive to invest that may be wiser way to adopt in real estate investments and to keep the portfolio diversified.

Another positive side of the real estate investments is that when you invest to buy a land or a plot, as compared to investing in other businesses like restaurant, setting a factory/manufacturing units etc. whatever you will invest and incur the cost, you may not lose.

In other businesses, it is not like that, just as an example, in your restaurant business, if it does not run well, you may lose what you had invested.

Real Estate is very much real. The investment does not evaporate and does not disappear. If the prices go up or down, you are still holding an asset and piece of land. The only difference is that the project in which you are investing should be valid and credible. For that you just need to do some due diligence about the developer and status of the land possession.

Considering the above, it overall seems worthwhile to invest and purchase some plots or a single plot, in Murree Resorts since the developer is credible (MAC Builders) and they are doing a good job by actually providing all the initial and basic infrastructure to immediately build the house. And most importantly, the plots are ready for possession to build your house.

It is important to note that overall area is rising, the development in the surrounding areas are happening and it is just a matter of time that the prices will further start escalating.

As per the past comparison, in just two years the prices in the Murree Resorts have increased 40%. 

It is an impressive appreciation in real estate. This shows the level of the previous growth and based on that it can be also fairly predicted about the future growth pattern, since it still has not touched its ceiling and is on upward growth trajectory and has a long way to go up in the future. 

According to the real estate dynamics, this usually is considered one of the best times to invest and enter in the market.

Purpose of Buying

Private cottage in Murree Resorts

Every Individual is different and has different aspirations, dreams, and objectives. You may have different budgets and purposes to invest and build your property. 

Although these purposes may differ from person to person but a few ideas are presented for your investment in Murree Resorts …

  • You can either just buy the plot and keep it for future to construct it later.
  • You can construct your own vacation home or getaway place during summers or winters or any other season.
  • You can lease or rent it out on monthly basis.
  • You can convert into a holiday cottage for daily rentals and start earning good revenue from it.
  • You can also do the mix of both, use it for yourself and also rent it out as a holiday vacation resort.

Whatever the purpose, investment in Murree Resorts seemingly is a win-win option, since main Murree is now overcrowded and heavily populated, therefore logically and naturally it has to expand to other adjoining areas.

That is one of the reasons when Patriata was developed about 15 km away from the main Murree it was called New Murree. Angoori Road and the surrounding areas are now part of the New Murree.

Property Management Services

The MAC Builders can also provide you many services related to property management that includes the upkeep of the house/ cottage, its maintenance, and also leasing out.

And in case if you would want to sell it in the future, they can also assist and facilitate you to do that.

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Aerial view of Club house in Murree Resorts

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