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If Joe Biden wins!
He Speaks Formally & Informally!

Joe Biden

This news story snippet is sourced and curated from an article in Time Magazine dated 24 June 2024, written by Massimo Calabresi.

Over 50 years ago, Biden recalls, Richard Nixon instructed National Security Adviser Henry Kissinger to brief the then 30-year-old Delaware Senator on the confidential timing of the U.S. withdrawal from Vietnam.

Strolling slowly through the corridors, the President shares stories about world leaders: Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, Emmanuel Macron.

In the Oval Office, he discusses his childhood home in Scranton, Pa., and the 2008 call from Barack Obama inviting Biden to be his running mate.

His demeanor conveys a sense of aging and vast experiences, of a man deeply intertwined with history.

Leading the U.S. in a period where the American era is transitioning into an uncertain future of evolving threats, opportunities, and power dynamics.

At 81, he remains committed to a vision that has guided America since World War II, where a prosperous and influential U.S. leads a coalition of democracies to protect the world from oppression.

He is visiting Normandy in France as the 12th, and likely final, American President to have lived through that pivotal day in 1944 when 73,000 American soldiers spearheaded the largest amphibious assault in history, hastening the defeat of Nazi Germany and the liberation of Europe.

D-Day has long been a revered milestone.

The President emphasizes that commemorating it is about more than just the past; it also underscores America's ongoing role in global affairs. As Biden puts it, "We are playing [that role] even more.

We are the world superpower."

Cold War II Dilemma

Cold War II

This news story snippet is sourced and curated from an article in Time Magazine dated 27 May 2024, written by Dmitri Alperovitch.

The article discusses how the rivalry between the U.S. and China is increasingly reminiscent of a new Cold War, even though leaders from both sides deny it.

Despite claims of seeking prosperity and avoiding conflict, there are significant parallels with the original Cold War, including a global contest for supremacy across various realms.

There is a focus on military modernization, technological competition, and espionage, with heightened tensions over issues like Taiwan.

The author suggests that the U.S. must adopt a comprehensive strategic approach, including leveraging advantages, strengthening alliances, and reframing engagements with other adversaries.

The article emphasizes the importance of deterring China's aggressive actions while also encouraging cooperation and navigating the complexities of Cold War II.

If Trump Wins

Trump 1

This news story snippet is sourced and curated from an article in Time Magazine dated 27 May 2024, written by Eric Cortellessa.

Donald Trump shares his plans for a potential second term and the impact it would have on America and its global role in exclusive interviews with TIME.

Trump acknowledges past mistakes and expresses a willingness to be more assertive and less forgiving in his approach.

Polls show him in a favorable position for the 2024 election, with plans for significant changes if he were to win, including large-scale deportations, establishing migrant detention facilities, allowing states to regulate women's pregnancies, and more.

Supporters see his return as revolutionary, while critics express concerns about democracy and authoritarianism.

The focus is on reshaping policies and institutions to align with Trump's agenda if he were to secure a second term.

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