Six Sigma Project Charter

What All is Said...

Six Sigma Project Charter Framework

Six Sigma Project Charter is something which helps to translate the Six Sigma Project into specific words about what you are going to do, how and what results you intend to accomplish.

Please note that there may be many templates available for Project Charter, but I have redesigned this Project Charter template in a simplified manner considering all the important aspects which any good Six Sigma Project Charter should contain. You can view it here

This Six Sigma Project Charter is very self explanatory and by going through, you will come to know instantly the big picture of the Six Sigma Project.

This Six Sigma Project Charter  covers these 7 important areas:

  1. General Information
  2. Problem & Objective Statement
  3. Project Scope & Schedule
  4. Project Resources
  5. Project Cost
  6. Project Benefits & Savings
  7. Project Risks & Constraints

Below is just the Generic Template

Six Sigma Project Charter Template Example

About Six Sigma Project Charter Templates

There are many general Six Sigma Project Templates available on the internet. Below is just one example of it.

However, I would suggest that you can consult two or three types before you actually use or customize it for your own project.

Please note that any template just provides you with the broad framework. You have all the freedom to modify and change it according to your own requirements.

Six Sigma Project Charter containing the above 7 elements with complete details is available for FREE on this website.It is originally developed in MS Excel for the practical ease of numbers, however, you can copy it on Word too as long as these 7  elements are addressed. 

Please click here to Download the Pdf  file

This Six Sigma Project Charter template will help you to think it through and define the Six Sigma Project Charter in a very structured and scientific way considering all the important aspects in the first place.

Most of the time, the initial steps of Six Sigma usually go wrong, which makes it even more difficult and also waste of time to spend the energies at the wrong places.

It is the most important exercise that Six Sigma Project Charter should be prepared first with real care & thought and with full involvement.

Once you have the Six sigma Project Charter prepared answering all the relevant questions, you will feel much more confident to embark upon any Six Sigma project. 

There are problems, when not much care has been given to define and answer all the important aspects at the time of preparing the Six Sigma Project Charter – well, I would say that sometimes, it does happen that you may not have all the information ready , but that ‘s ok too. You can keep those columns open, until you get hold of all the answers as you embark upon the Six Sigma Project. But as long as you have the right tools and template, all those unanswered questions will keep on reminding you to get the answers soon.

The Six Sigma Project Charter is one of the ‘first things first’, which should be done right at the right time before starting the Six Sigma Project.