Six sigma Tools

Becoming a bit smarter With Six Sigma Tools

Six Sigma Tools with digital devices

Six Sigma tools can actually make you apply and do the things faster which you have learned through books and trainings. Once you are armed with the knowledge and education, now you have to find the smart tools to help and aid you to implement your learning and get the desired results.

The Six Sigma tools can come in many shapes

·         Software

·         Checklists

·         Workflows

·         Cheat Sheets

·         Templates

·         PowerPoint Slides

·         PDFs

·         Audio/Visual Aids

·         Excel Data Sheets

·         Plugins

·         Subscription Services

These Six Sigma tools can help you measure and analyze the data with ease with the help of smart technology and easy and convenient ready-made templates. I would urge you to select those tools which you think can really help you.

There are always two ways of doing things. With tools and without tools. Both way things may get done. But if you have already adopted the Six Sigma way of thinking, then you may also know that doing things without tools is hard work and doing things with tools is smart work. You can save a lot of time, hassle, and inconvenience with the help of tools.

However, if you are short of money and have a lot of time at your disposal, then by all means you can adopt the route which you may like better. But getting the results faster in Six Sigma is one of the main goals, so if you can use the tools with some amount of money investment, this may go a long way and may give you a better edge with the company or client who can appreciate your expertise in a much smarter and advance level.

Six Sigma Tools in Your Hands

Six Sigma tools in your hands

I would strongly recommend you to choose and use some of the smart Six Sigma tools which can help you do the work faster. You don’t have to use all the tools, so please take care to choose only which are truly needed.

As we know that Six Sigma is all about improving the work for the better. It is mostly being applied in the business domain in both areas i.e. products and services. However, in addition to the Six Sigma tools, we may sometimes also need some general business management tools as well as personal management tools.

I will keep updating this page to provide you the recommended list of Six Sigma tools as well as some general business management and some personal management tools which can also help you in some way personally and professionally.