Six Sigma White Belt

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Six Sigma White Belt

Six Sigma White Belt Professionals

Six Sigma White Belt professionals have the minimum broad level insight into the usage of six sigma techniques. It may be 4 hours or half day training to make someone understand about the Six Sigma & Lean concepts. 

Mostly during four hour session or maximum one day session of Six Sigma White Belt, history, philosophies, techniques and tools of Lean and Six Sigma in a common language are discussed for a thorough understanding. 

Such kind of overview is perfect for: 

• Leaders considering embarking on a Lean and/or Six Sigma strategy

• Departments or organizations that have been charged with implementation but do not have a good understanding of Lean and/or Six Sigma

• Managers concerned with the status quo and interested in investigating options for productivity improvement, performance enhancement and organizational change. 

Six Sigma White Belt program is also great as a primer for potentially every employee in the organization to understand the methodology that their company is embarking on.

Six Sigma White Belt Certification

The Six Sigma White Belt certification requires at least four hours of training. With Six Sigma White Belt you will be able to begin your journey toward the professional competencies of the Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt, and Master Black Belt. After obtaining this first level belt, you can become a qualified team member of a Green Belt or Black Belt project.

Six Sigma White Belt participants are also introduced to the tools and techniques used to: 

• Obtain a fundamental understanding of Lean and Six Sigma 

• Learn the Structure of Six Sigma (DMAIC) and their roles

• Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control (DMAIC) processes

• Minimize waste and resources while increasing customer satisfaction

You can receive Six Sigma White Belt training online, as part of an on-site program at your company or at a workshop or seminar held at a facility. Because Six Sigma White Belt is an introduction to Six Sigma, it is the most basic method and training requires less time than other levels. 

Six Sigma White Belt Training

Six Sigma White Belt training also provides an overview of Six Sigma principles, teaching employees what questions they need to ask in terms of what role they can play in the company's Six Sigma-related projects. 

Six Sigma White Belt training may not be sufficient for employees directly involved in Six Sigma projects, but it will help other employees understand the basic tools and principles and how the method affects the entire organization. 

Six Sigma White Belt training usually is geared toward "operator personnel," but because it is so basic, it is an ideal introduction for employees at any level. And for companies with a more flexible use of the method, a Six Sigma White Belt may suffice.