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What is Social Media Publishing

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About Social Media Publishing

Social Media publishing is about short form publishing and creating posts for your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

These are some of the most known and leading social media platforms in this world due to its popularity.

The primary purpose of social media for individuals, friends and families is to remain connected with each other wherever they are in the world. They can do that by creating their accounts on the social media platforms.

And then they can start sharing news, gossip, pictures, videos, events, dinners, food, fashion and anything under the sky.

This is one of the reasons that social media publishing spread like a fire. And the underlining reason was that it was personal not commercial. This is very important to understand for businesses.

Personal & Business Should be Separate with Social Media Publishing

Broadly speaking, in social media publishing, you should keep the personal and commercial separately.

That is also the reason, the Facebook opened its Facebook business pages’ function, where you can create dedicated business pages and build a separate business and customers audience.

The purpose of this audience is to reach out and stretch out to new markets and find new prospects within the Facebook’s huge digital world.

As you may know, your personal Facebook page is only limited to your personal friends and family.

In case if you are doing your business within your family and friends, then it may be OK but if you have different nature of business, then it is all the better reason to create a separate business page.

Social Media Publishing Options

Social Media Publishing Options

There are several kinds of social media, but for any business it may not be about quantity but it is about the quality. So it is better to focus on the 6 leading social media platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube

Of all the above 6, YouTube is different. It is all about video content, and it falls in your grand scheme of your social media marketing.

Many of your prospects and customers are hooked on YouTube.
Therefore, it is important for business to create YouTube Channel and feed some regular videos related to your business.

What To Post everyday and how to create Posts

Since people and customers are mostly online, that is why every business has this challenge to tap the new customers through social media power.

As long as it is your personal page, it may be easy to post when and where, as you desire, but when it comes to your business page, you need to update it every week.

Otherwise, your company will start to disappear on Facebook and they will not rank you high in their searches. Nor the people will find you easily.
Therefore, the purpose of any business is to maintain its presence on the social media to get the desired visibility.

The Share of Hard Work

Apparently, you need to create the short form content for the social media posts, but it is easier said than done.

You need to plan it at least for one month in advance about your social media publishing plan about what you want to create and share and what you expect from these posts.

Content Genie – Next level AI Content Creation

If you are wondering how to manage your social media. We recommend to use one specialized social media tool i.e. Content Genie which will help you create the social media content through AI (Artificial Power).

You can check out Content Genie website

IdeasBeat also provides these services, and either we can do it for you on paid basis, or you can buy the software to do it yourself with complete training. This will save you cost.

Social Media Advertising

Those business who are ready to spend some money, they can opt to create their paid advertisements on Social Media which can fetch you faster new clients. There is a big jump start benefit in Social Media advertising.

You can target your customers, with age, location, gender and interests. You cannot find such a power in any other advertising medium.

There is one service AdvertSuite that helps to provide you with all kinds of Ads being shown on the social media with its targeting features. This is a very powerful software tool.

You can also check out AdvertSuite here.

Social Media Publishing Services by IdeasBeat

Office Staff

If you are a small and medium sized business, and are wondering how to get it done, we can provide complete turnkey solution for all your social media publishing needs i.e. content creation and management.

That includes the following:

  • Creating Social Media Business Pages
  • Creating the Banner Graphics
  • Creating the regular content creation (Posts) for all your social media accounts.
  • Providing a full summary of the social media analytics about the reach and engagement.
  • Creating paid social media ads to bring more direct leads and customers for your business.

You can contact us to get more details.

Or else Send WhatsApp at: 92 320 589 7777