Solar Power Solutions In Pakistan

It requires power to generate power. And Sun has that power.

Solar Power Solutions in Pakistan

Ten years ago, solar power solutions in Pakistan were not easy to find. But not now. The solar power landscape is completely changed from 2020 onwards.

Any individual or company in Pakistan can easily hunt down either online or offline one of the many solar power companies who are now offering solar power solutions in Pakistan.

What is Solar Power

Before, we go deep, it is important to understand in simple manner and words what is solar power.

Solar power is the Sun radiation which is captured by the special photo-voltaic (PV) cells and that cell converts the solar energy into Direct Current (DC) electricity. 

In order to utilize that DC electricity for our homes or companies, there are some more technical steps and workflows involved before we can easily and safely use that electricity for our purpose. It is just like processing the raw material and cleaning it and making if refined and polished for our safe use.

Similarly, just by capturing the Sun energy is not enough. 

Through several years of research by the scientists, they were finally able to develop such a system that could capture the Sun radiation for our use on this planet Earth. We are indebted to all those scientists and researchers who have provided us this technology.

How Solar Power System Works

How Solar Power System Works

Lets understand a bit more how solar power system works in 5 simple steps:

  1. From Sun, the special cells (PV cells) capture the Sun radiation
  2. PV cells generate DC current (electricity)
  3. DC current goes to Inverter (electrical device that converts DC current to AC current).
  4. The inverter sends the safe electricity to the internal home based distribution box. 
  5. DB channels the solar power AC electricity to the home appliances as per the requirement.

The above is the simplistic workflow. 

Types of Solar Power Solutions in Pakistan

There are 3 types of solar power solutions in Pakistan:

  1. Off Grid 
  2. On Grid (with or without net metering)
  3. Hybrid Solution

Off Grid Solar Power

Off Grid solar power system does not have to have any connection with the given local electricity supply line.

This is best especially for those remote rural areas, where there is already no electricity available in Pakistan.

Solar power solutions in Pakistan are working very well in those areas and many agricultural farmers are enjoying the electricity for their homes and specially to run the motor for tube well.

On Grid Solar System

On Grid Solar Power system is connected with the main given electricity supply line and it moderates between the two powers and utilizes whatever power is available (either solar or the local main line) 

In addition, it also provides you the option of net-metering facility.

That simply means that when you generate surplus solar energy, you can send it back to the national grid and they will buy this electricity from you.

In result, over the period of a few months, your electricity bill may be zero or in negative (credit) amount. Isn’t it amazing and unbelievable.

Yes, it sure is. But it is the reality and people are experiencing it.

Hybrid Solar power system

This system has both features of off-grid and on-grid.

In addition, it is also backed up by the battery power. Especially when there is no electricity either from the main line or from the solar energy.

The charged up batteries supply the power to the home without any interruption.

Understanding Kilo Watts (KWs)

Understanding Kilo Watts (KWs)

Another important point to understand is the kilowatt power (KW).

Every home or institution has its own needs and requirements. In your home you may have 3 rooms or 10 rooms, you may have air conditioners and heaters etc. Therefore, it will depend what is your requirement in KWs.

For easy reference, we usually had one bulb equivalent of 100 watts in the room. When you light up 10 such bulbs, you need 1 kilo watt of power.

Pricing of Solar Power Solutions in Pakistan

Pricing normally is determined based on the kilowatt (KW) requirement.

5-10 years back, the solar power solutions in Pakistan were expensive and costing about PKR 10 lacs for just 1 KW of solar power generation.

1 kW is the most basic one which can only power 3 lights and 3 fans in the house for about 3-4 hours.

But now from 2020 onwards, the solar power solutions pricing has been reduced and now it may range from PKR 1- 3 Lac per KW of solar power installation, of course depending upon many other factors and variables which can make the cost higher or lower.

For a 4-bedroom house, 10 KW is a good start and it can light up all the lights and fans as well as 2 air conditioners in your house.

Cost Savings in Solar Power Solutions in Pakistan

Let’s now talk about the cost savings. You may be wondering why you should incur such a cost. You may be good without it.

Of course I would nod my head if you say so. But according to me, you have not been all that good for so many years in Pakistan, especially where we have witnessed long hours of load shedding and despite that the per unit cost of electricity has been very high around PKR 20 per unit. 

And average household electricity bills usually of PKR 30,0000, 40,000 50,000 are just a norm of the middle class family having a 3-4-bedroom house.

Think of Capital Investment Instead of a Hard Cost For Your Solar Power Solution

Solar-powered home example

We can look at the pricing slightly with a different paradigm. Either it is a capital expenditure for us., or we may consider it as an investment, which will eventually be returned over a period of time. How much time? 

Let’s do some little math. 

Hypothetically speaking, if you spend PKR 10 lacs on 10 KW. (it may be more or less).  Suppose, your average bill was PKR 40,000 per month without the solar power system in place.

In this case, after spending this amount of PKR 10 lacs, you will start saving half of the previous bill. 

Your bill from the 4th month onwards will be PKR 20,000 on average. Therefore, you will be saving PKR 20,000 per month and in one year, you will save PKR 240,000 and in 5 years you will save PKR 12 lacs. 

So this way, whatever you have spent (PKR 10 lacs), you have been paid back in full within 5 years of time. And what about the later years from the 6th year to the 20th year. Well, that is considered a profit of about PKR 36 lacs. 

Realistically speaking, lets deduct some maintenance fee of up to 50% (being on the conservative side). That still will give you a pure profit of PKR 18 lacs. 

What Is The Problem Anyways?

If your mind is revolving in circles, put it to rest. And take a glass of water.

What I have tried to explain is not rocket science, solar power solutions in Pakistan now are easily available, very doable, financially viable, environmentally friendly and ethically desirable.

But there is a problem. It is our human psyche that we are reluctant to test new things and we are resistant to change. We like to do things the way we have always been doing, since it just feels comfortable, Isn’t it?

But guess what, this world would have been still sitting in primitive stone age times without any progress of modern age, like color TVs, air conditioners, planes, cars, mobile phones and what not.

Similar is the case with the solar power solutions in Pakistan.

Although a few people may not accept it instantly, but rest assured that this is the future of the planet earth.

Solar power is renewable energy, which does not emit any pollution to the environment. It is also called a ‘Green Energy’.

Change is Imminent – And Solar Power is Here To Stay!

Solar power workflow diagram

It is not only about the numbers and incurring cost and achieving savings and profits, it is also about saving our environment for our next generations. 

All countries are now moving fast to adopting the solar power technologies. 

It is a fortunate aspect that solar power solutions in Pakistan are picking up fast, and more and more solar power companies are getting created.

Taking Precautions

It is easy to bargain and cut costs, as it is ingrained in our local psyche, and that is Ok. But please think twice when you are looking for some solar power solution for your home, you cannot take risks by using low standard wires, substandard solar panels and unreliable electrical devices. 

Ask for the quality solar power products and services which are long lasting, durable and reliable. 

What about the cost, yes it may cost you more and that should be alright if you are really interested for a quality solar power solution. 

If the cost seems way too higher for your capacity. I will advise you not to install it. And better be without it, instead of having a cheaper and unreliable solar power solution in your home.

Finding Companies for Solar Power Solutions in Pakistan

It may take a little research to find that company but for your ease, we are listing below 10 of the recommended solar power companies, which we believe have good track record of their past successes.

  1. SkyElectric 
  2. Pantera Energy
  3. Yellow Door Energy
  4. Zorays Solar Pakistan
  5. EBR Energy Pakistan
  6. Solgo Engineering Services
  7. Alpha Solar Pakistan
  8. Reon Energy
  9. Paksolar Services
  10. Green Power Pakistan

You may check them out by inquiring directly from the company about the costs and the quality of their services.

It is not always that what glitters is always gold. Sometimes, new companies with a passionate person behind it can deliver better than the big mega companies who start becoming robotic with customers.

Summing Up

Moving from local electricity to solar power electricity certainly makes good sense not only for your own savings, but for reduction of the country’s burden, saving the planet from unnecessary pollution and acting ethically as a good citizen. 

And guess what? By having all these advantages, you will still profit financially from the solar power project in the long run as per our little math explained above.

We will urge you to browse and hunt for a good company who gives you one of the quality solar power solutions in Pakistan with dedicated support and with good value for money. 

We wish you best of luck and hope that finding solar power solutions in Pakistan is no more a mystery for you now.

If you want to know what else has been done in about the solar power solutions in Pakistan, you can also read an article on Wikipedia. That will provide you the overview of the recent progress in solar power installations.

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