Springs Apartment Homes in Islamabad

The Gated Secure Housing Community on Islamabad Expressway

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Springs Apartment Homes in Islamabad is a housing compound which is located on the Islamabad Expressway Road on the Khokhar road near Fazai Colony after Khanna interchange.

It is an easy simple access from Islamabad Zero Point with a signal free road which is hardly 20 minutes distance, about 15 kilometers away.

Background - Springs Apartment Homes in Islamabad

Springs Apartment Homes in Islamabad

The Springs Apartment housing compound was developed by Orbit Developers who are well experienced real estate developers.

Orbit Developers started their business in 2012 and in just a few years have made a very well-respected name in the real estate residential market.

Currently their visible projects are 4.

  1. Springs Apartment Homes in Islamabad
  2. Springs Gaddafi Apartments in Gulberg Lahore
  3. Springs Atrium Apartments in Gulberg Lahore
  4. Springs Canal Bank Lahore (near DHA EME) – (the latest project)

Amenities in Springs Apartment Homes in Islamabad

Springs Apartments Islamabad

Springs Apartment Homes in Islamabad offers a fully self-sufficient gated secured compound.

It offers 24/7 security services with active uniformed guards at the single entrance and exit of the compound.

It offers apartments of different sizes.

  • Studio Apartment
  • 1 Bed Apartment
  • 2 Bed Apartment
  • 3 Bed Apartment
  • 4 Bed Apartment

There are 3 blocks of building (A, B, C) and total 5 levels/floors:

  • Lower Ground
  • Upper Ground
  • First Floor
  • Second Floor
  • Third Floor

Covered Car parking is available for all residents within the compound.

Electricity is available 24/7 for the common areas with the backup generator.

Stairs and elevators are available for all three blocks (A, B & C).

The elevators are also powered by backup generators.

The water is supplied by the Springs Admin to all residents.

Electricity and gas meters are separately installed for each apartment.

There is a Commercial Block area within the springs housing compound.

  • It offers some retail shops for the basic residents’ requirements that includes grocery store, laundry, tailor, separate men and women salon, Da Chef eatery, one boutique and one general household and photocopy center.

In fact, it is equivalent of any 5-star hospitality facilities.

There is also one common garden area in the center of the housing compound.

In addition to the retail shops, the Springs Admin also provides the facility for the Snooker Room, Swimming pool and one Banquet Room.

Springs Apartment Homes in Islamabad is a fully self-contained housing community which provides you with everything at arms’ length.

Handy Man Facilities at Springs Apartments Islamabad

Interestingly within Springs Apartments in Islamabad you get all the facilities with just a phone call.

The Springs Admin provides the electrician, plumber and other handy man services whenever you may need it. However, they will be charged separately by the handyperson.

In addition, there is also an availability for part time house maids, cleaners, and cooks in case anyone may want to hire them.

Springs Apartment Homes in Islamabad offers complete living with ease and convenience.

Rental Rates for Vacant Springs Apartment Homes in Islamabad

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The rental rates vary depending upon the apartment size.

You can also get a fully furnished apartment, semi furnished or vacant apartment.

The rent rates for the Springs vacant apartment range as below:

  • Studio: PKR 30000 – 35000 p.m.
  • 1 bedroom: PKR 40000 – 45000 p.m.
  • 2 bedroom: PKR 55000 - 60000 p.m.
  • 3 bedroom: PKR 75000 - 85000 p.m.
  • 4 bedroom: PKR 85000 – 95000 p.m.

Rentals for Furnished Apartments at Springs Apartment Homes in Islamabad

Following are furnished apartments rent ranges:

  • Studio: PKR 40000 – 55000 p.m.
  • 1 bed: PKR 65000 – 75000 p.m.
  • 2 bed: PKR 80000-95000 p.m.
  • 3 bed: PKR 90000-110000 p.m.
  • 4 bed: PKR 100000-120000 p.m.

Springs Apartment Islamabad Buying rates

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Please check below the estimated price ranges for buying an apartment at Springs Apartment Homes in Islamabad:

  • Studio Apartment: PKR 55 – 65 Lacs
  • 1 bed Apartment: PKR 100-130 Lacs
  • 2 bed Apartment: PKR 150-180 Lacs
  • 3 bed Apartment: PKR 250 – 300 Lacs
  • 4 bed Apartment: PKR 325 – 350 Lacs

(Please note that the above rental and buying rates mentioned on this site are just broad estimates, you may check with the Springs Admin or the actual apartment sellers to get the updated ones. The above estimates are only provided for the easy convenience).

In terms of comparative value, Springs Apartments offer good value for money.

Though the apartments are now 10 years old. But they are well maintained and managed by the Orbit Administration.

Service Charges at Springs Apartments Islamabad

Please also note that in addition to the rental amount, the residents also must give the monthly services charges.

These may range from PKR 5000 – 10000 per month depending upon the size of plot.

This way your actual rent will be higher by adding the fixed monthly service charges as well.

The Current Occupancy at Springs Apartments

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The Springs Apartment Homes in Islamabad are in hot demand and are mostly fully occupied.

There are about 300+ units of different sizes.

Mostly it is a family-oriented community which comprises young and middle-aged married couples, as well as senior families.

Some owners of the apartments are living there but mostly people are living on rent and have come from different cities of the country to work in Islamabad.

Springs Apartments offer them a very comfortable and secure living in Islamabad.

Market Comparison

As far as the comparative market analysis is concerned. Springs Apartment Homes in Islamabad still offers a great value for money.

The buying price is still under and around PKR 20000 per sq ft.

Whereas all the new residential apartments prices range from PKR 30000 – 50000 per sq ft.

Wrap Up

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The Springs Apartment Homes in Islamabad is one of the ideal places especially for those who are shifting to Islamabad from another city of Pakistan for the job purpose and have a family to move.

It offers you one of the best values for money either to rent or to buy an apartment. However, as mentioned above it is still a challenge to get availability.

If you want to know more about all the Spring Apartments projects, you may also visit their Springs Apartments website.

When we plan to find a place to reside somewhere, it may not only be about the room and house, it is also about the overall experience of living at some place.

It is also about the sense of having a secure feeling and comfort with all ambiance and amenities of the community. That too has its own price for those who may value it.

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