Turnkey Website for Real Estate Consultants

It is a Must, if you think so

Website for Real Estate Consultants

Why Website for Real Estate Consultants

Website for Real Estate consultants is a must if you think you are really serious about running your real estate business.

Surprisingly, most of the small and medium sized real estate consultancy businesses do not have their websites. I still see the gmail email on their business cards. Well, that is not very impressive.

Real Estate agents in Pakistan seriously lack the sophistication and refinement of the marketing processes, whereas they are in the business of real estate marketing.

Importance of Website for Real Estate Consultants

Real Estate marketing becomes easier when are able to provide fruitful information to your prospects to gain their trust.

The prospects are supposed to invest their millions. So they deserve to be given the right and correct information at the right time.

It is important that developing a website for real estate consultants is one of the first considerations when you plan to launch your business.

Options for Developoing A Website For Real Estate Consultants

Options for Website for Real Estate Consultants

There are many options to develop your website for real estate consultants in the eMarket. Some leading ones are:

  1. Wordpress Website: USD 5 - 50 per month
  2. Wix Website:  USD 4.50 - 35 per month
  3. Weebly Website: USD 5 – 38 per month
  4. Squarespce: USD 16 – 49 per month

For all the above options, please note that you do not get the email capability, nor e-newlsletter function, and with limited forms capability.

When you have to take a decision, I think this is not the area in which you should cut cost. I agree, that some real estate consultants perceive this as an expense which they think they will not be able get out of it anything.

It is a total misconception. Yes, spending money to build and maintain your website may not bring immediate return, but this will serve as a sales funnel which is a very important part of the sales process.

Marketing is all about building good impressions and building trust. The website for real estate consultants is going to play that part.

And also we should know that the good impression may be immediate, but gaining trust is a long term process with patience and persistence.

You have to supply enough good information, education and insight about the services which you are trying to sell to your prospects.

You also have to make an effort to direct your prospect to visit your website and know more about your service. You have to proactively encourage them.

On the contrary, I have observed many real estate consultant who avoid giving their business cards as they do not mention the website link nor any professional business email on their cards. And yet they still think they are doing great business, forget about building long term brand.

About Business Branding

Website for Real Estate Consultants 3

When you plan to build a brand, it is a marathon not a sprint. You have to be patient, and you have to be very particular about what kind of impression you are trying to convey to your prospects.

Every small detail matters.

  • Business card, your letter head
  • The envelopes
  • The business office, its décor
  • The people who sit in the office, their dress /attire
  • The culture of your office
  • Your website
  • Your social media accounts
  • Your branded stationary and perhaps crockery too
  • Your branded takeaways.

All these things may not mean big expenditure. Rather it can just be achieved in a few thousands of rupees in Pakistan. But it creates a million dollars impression to your prospects. Isn’t it the best ROI.

But irony is that Real estate consultants and dealers are not paying much attention to these.

I have conducted some online real estate classes, whereby I have emphasized the need to go digital as well as building a solid brand for the real estate consultants.

The recommended turnkey solution to build Website for Real Estate Consultants

Solo Build it

Get All the Details on Solo Build It (SBI)

My recommended website builder is SBI (Solo Buid It) for small and medium sized real estate consultants and dealers who mostly like to do things themselves or with one or two support staff.

Why I recommend

SBI is the most easiest, simpler and most effective online website building tool. That means it will help you rank well in Google search results.

Secondly, it has extensive training modules so that you get to know each and every part of the website building.

Thirdly, it has a extensive online community of helping friends, who will provide you all the answers which you may want.

Fourthly, it provides great customer services. Every question is answered and honored well within their turn around time i.e 24 hours.

You can get all the details on Solo Build It here.

If you are real estate dealer and still looking for the right website solution, please fill up the form below to get all the details about how you can buy and build your website with SBI.

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