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Work From Home Motivation

Work From Home: How To Stay Motivated In Testing Times

Work From Home Motivation is the key thing for the success of your business at home.

We all need motivation to live, work and smile in our lives. But for some unforeseen situations one become baffled on how to stay calm and stay motivated to carry on work activities as well as to manage home burden in the period of social isolation.

What is work From Home Motivation

We all talk about motivation but we never ponder over its exact definition.

But what is motivation, exactly?

Steven Pressfield a re-known author of the book “The War of Art” tells in his books about the real definition of the phenomenon of motivation.

Pressfield thinks that ‘at some point, the pain of not doing it becomes greater than the pain of doing it.’

To simplify the words of the author we can say that sometimes we are well-aware of our procrastinating but we are not ready to admit it.

But when we start acknowledging the real loss, we are facing we start to take action.

Taking risks and not taking risks all comes with motivation.

When we are motivated to invest in a new business, we know the risk factors also.

To weigh the benefits of staying motivated and doing little effort everyday is what makes a difference.

Motivation is not a formula of success. It is that ‘essence’ which keeps on going to achieve what is desirable. 

The understanding of motivation can help to develop work from home motivation.

Shift in the mind-set

There is a little shift in the mindset which makes one motivated and other a hesitant.

Motivation is the essence of all of our lives. And so is the case for Work From Home Motivation.

We have people around us who are the source of inspiration to all of us.

They are motivated people, though they have their bad days, but they try not to procrastinate but try to take action to stay on the track.

Molly Sims: pillar of motivation during social isolation

One such celebrity is model and actress Molly Sims, who keeps herself together to stay focused and motivated to complete her day-to-day challenges.

Sims at the age of 46 is a very positive person. She told Health, an on-line magazine that she has achieved the mind frame of being motivated by reframing her thoughts.

She reminds herself of the good things she has in her life. She feels grateful for all the positive things life has given to her.

Her Mantra from ‘have to’ to ‘get to’ gave her best results in life

She told in the interview, “My mantra is ‘I get to’ instead of ‘I have to,'” Sims tells Health.

According to her, “It’s a mental positive shift; it’s about being grateful. It’s literally just a little trick that I taught myself when I’m frustrated.”

Sims explains that she uses this strategy throughout her day in order to make her chores and daily tasks easier to handle and accomplish.

She further tells, that she feels very lucky when she has to teach her child, cook food for her family, or go to work she keeps reminding herself of how lucky she is to have such an amazing life, where she as a family to look forward to, and work that she loves and adores.

At work, her attitude is not ‘have to’ but instead of this, she uses the phrase ‘I get to’ which makes her feel more in control and confident.

When she has to go for meetings, she tells all the positive things about meeting people, getting to know them, and to share her opinions with them and much more.

Sims learnt this ‘mantra’ while she was writing a book which changes her mind frame for getting more positivity and motivation in life.

Her journey of writing the book reshaped her experience and thinking patterns for the good.

Sims mantra can be applied for work from home motivation and to stay on the track even in quarantine.

Using her mantra For Motivation in Quarantine

The time of social isolation seems overwhelming but it also has some turning points where one can think about her life in detail, one gets time to talk to herself which has not been done in years of fast and busy lifestyle.

It is the perfect time to heal from within, in terms of emotional, psychological and spiritual bruises. It is the time of healing if taken it as an opportunity and not as a burden.

It is pertinent to say that changing mind shifts during quarantine is vital for healthy mind and body connection.

It is better to train mind in a way that works best for you. Our mind is our companion it is not our slave, if we tell it to do things like ‘get to’ instead to ‘you have to do this’ it will bring wonders in our life.

Make a list for all the positive things in life and try to keep goals and tasks simple and on day-to-day format.

Engraving positive aspects of life, children, work, spouse, even health will give you such motivation in these times to keep calm.

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