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Yoga posture For Stress Relief

Yoga for Stress Management

Yoga has been used for centuries as a method of self-development or self-improvement by people all over the world.

Its different techniques and asanas are proved to be very beneficial in managing many medical conditions that are not treated with medicines.

Recently, yoga also has proved to be the best friend for those who like to engage with it and interact with it by indulging in different asanas to manage stress and anxiety. The worst enemies of modern-day human civilization.

The traditional yoga involves methods of classical yoga, physical postures, ethical disciplines, breathing techniques and meditation.

Modern world has accepted its benefits and now promoting yoga at workplace, at home or at gym.

Yoga for stress release

People facing stress and fear amid this pandemic can greatly benefit from Yoga which can easily be self-taught at home. Many studies have shown that a little amount of yoga in the early morning, or before bed time can minimize levels of stress and improve focus, sleep and breathing in body.

Yoga improves mood and reduces stress

Yogi believes that doing yoga everyday can have physical as well as mental health benefits.

One benefit is that yoga elevates mood and brings happiness in the life of a person who is doing yoga.

Not only this, yoga can help in coping with stress and negative thoughts.

Thus, yoga is a must for everyone especially after the world has seen the horrific pandemic. We all have to live with this uncertainty but we can control our thoughts, moods, and stress levels by engaging in simple asanas of yoga for stress relief.

Stress- relief techniques and tips used in Yoga

Yoga posture

There are some of the most popular and effective yoga techniques used to reduce stress, anxiety and even depression.

But it is always advisable to consult your health care provider if you are feeling suicidal or dejected for a long period of time.

You might be facing clinical depression which needs medication.

Along with medicines, you can safely start doing yoga or simple breathing in the first phase of your treatment to get control of yourself.

Controlled breathing

In this technique, all you need to do is to sit on a floor where there is less noise, and find a quiet corner of your home, office or garden.

Wherever you feel relax or can focus is the ideal place for yoga.

You can play a video of yoga where there is a session of controlled breathing is going on.

All you have to take the process of breathing in a controlled manner. Not mindlessly. Or in hurried way. But in cool and calm manner.

You take oxygen in from your nose and take out from your mouth. This is the first technique but you can learn this art by practice.


Meditation in Yoga

For meditation, you still need nothing much, but a quiet place to sit on a floor and sit with your legs fold on the floor.

This is the classic pose for yoga, and you must have seen yogis doing meditation in this pose during sunrise or sunset in the evening. 

Place your hands on your folded legs and close your eyes to focus on the process of controlled breathing and thinking positive things that you have in your life to feel good.

This kind of meditation also requires practice with patience. Results will come but it will take sometime to feel really good.

Physical movement

There are many different kinds of physical movements that are part of yoga routine.

These physical movements are called asanas which includes cat pose, mountain pose, dog pose and simple lying on floor pose for the beginners. 

Go to YouTube and find simple yoga movements for beginners and there will be thousands of videos which can show you how to do physical movements in yoga.

Mental imagery

In this kind of yoga, you need to develop focus on certain things, thoughts, or places which give you positive energy.

With this kind of mental imagination, you will be able to ward off your stressful thoughts.

It can also reduce your fear and anxiety. But you can always consult your psychiatrist for any further advise in managing your stress.


Stretching in Yoga

Stretching is very important part of yoga as well as aerobics or even cardio.

Stretching is the core of any workout. Stretching gives muscles time to relax and unwind themselves from daily use that caused them stiffness and fatigue.

Before starting your morning or evening yoga routine, do some poses of stretching and then follow controlled breathing and meditation routine for stress management.

All these techniques can be self-taught. But if you want to learn or join a session you can always find a yoga expert near you and consult them about your health problems and start doing yoga in a group, if not alone at home.

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