Zenose Restaurant in Islamabad

The Native Authentic Pakistani Cuisine!

Zenose Restaurant in Islamabad

Zenose Restaurant in Islamabad is located in G-6 sector of Islamabad in the famous Melody Market.

It is a pure authentic Pakistani cuisine restaurant offering a wide variety of dishes for everyone’s taste.

I am a personal big fan of their food and especially the taste of their cooking.

Ambiance of Zenose Restaurant in Islamabad

The Zenose Restaurant in Islamabad is a typical desi restaurant which is a bigger and better version of desi dhaba.

The seating is mostly outdoors. One section is covered under a shed.
The furniture is ordinary with metal chairs and tables. You will not find any fancy items nor any aesthetics décor.

Please adjust your expectations about the Zenose restaurant’s ambiance accordingly.

Menu of Zenose Restaurant in Islamabad

Zenose Restaurant in Islamabad offers a simple menu with low to moderately priced items.

We are not mentioning the prices here as they may have increased a bit, but they are still better and moderate than any other fancy restaurant in the town.

Zenose restaurant menu has lots of dishes which include.

Main Courses

  • Mutton Karachi
  • Mutton Karahi White
  • Mutton Karachi Achari
  • Mutton Karachi Green
  • Mutton Karahi Lahori
  • Chicken Karahi
  • Chicken Karahi White
  • Chicken Karahi Achari
  • Chicken Karahi Green
  • Chicken Karachi Lahori
  • Chicken Ginger
  • Chicken Jalfrezi
  • Chicken Qorma
  • Daal Maash

Chappal Kabab

  • Beef Chappal Kabab
  • Special Beef Chappal Kabab
  • Chicken Chappal Kabab
  • Chicken Chappal Kabab Special
  • Mutton Chappal Kabab
  • Mutton Chappal Kabab Special


  • Chicken Seekh Kabab
  • Reshami Chicken Seekh
  • Chicken Malai Boti
  • Chicken Boti (per plate)
  • Chicken Tikka (per plate)
  • Mutton Tikka Fried (per plate)
  • Beef Seekh Fry (6 pieces)
  • Beef Seekh kabab (6 pieces)

Special Handi (Boneless)

  • Mutton Handi
  • Mutton Handi White
  • Mutton Handi Achari
  • Mutton Handi Green
  • Mutton Handi Lahori
  • Chicken Handi
  • Chicken Handi White
  • Chicken Handi Achari
  • Chicken Handi Green
  • Chicken Handi Lahori


  • Mixed Takatak
  • Brain (per plate)
  • Takatak Champ
  • Gurdey Kapura


  • Naan
  • Roti
  • Roghani Naan
  • Kulcha
  • Kulwanji Naan
  • Garlic Naan

Menu may have some more changes as per their new updates.

I am fond of eating more chicken and I have tried most of their chicken dishes including the Chicken Karahi, Chicken Ginger, Chicken Jalfrezi, Chicken Qorma, Chappal Kababs. And I have become a big fan of everything.

Food Taste of Zenose Restaurant in Islamabad

zenose restaurant 2

What takes me to Zenose Restaurant in Islamabad again and again is their food taste.

The dishes are very well cooked with the right ingredients. The spices level is very moderate for everyone.

As I prefer to eat less specify foods, it suits me very well every time.

I must give a good amount of credit to their selected cooks/chefs who are doing their jobs almost all day long.

In any restaurant business, in my opinion, the food taste is the first and the most sustainable factor of this business.

I have seen people going 100 miles away just by word of mouth to experience even the smallest of the restaurants having a great food taste.

Food taste is something which helps the restaurant to become a successful entity.

In the restaurant business the passion of the person behind the business should be reflected in its output, and cooked food is the main output of this business.

Service Standards of Zenose Restaurant

You will not find any uniformed well-trained staff in the Zenose restaurant.

But interestingly, they do two things very well. They take the order promptly and bring the order promptly.

I think this perhaps is what matters most. Of course, after having given the due time for cooking since they make it fresh there and then.

In the restaurant business the service standards are also considered important and comes after the food taste (not before that).

The restaurants who are bad in the service standards but good in food taste can still survive, but those who have excellent service and courtesies, but bad food taste cannot survive for long.

Therefore, we all should know its weightage as well.

I tasted and experienced some of the pathetic and poorly done restaurants but offering great food.

On the contrary I have also experienced the five star establishments with some of the most expensive and premium cuisines but with below average food taste.

If you have a temperament for good service standards and ambiance, and less priority for the food taste, then Zenose restaurant in Islamabad may not suit you well.

However, if you really crave good taste and are okay with the average service standards, then you must give a serious try to Zenose restaurant in Islamabad.

As I could not find their website, but probably there is one Facebook Page which if interested you may also visit.


Zenose Restaurant in Islamabad is one of the key spots for people who crave to get the native desi authentic cuisine.

The restaurant is usually packed at Lunch and Dinner times. The live cooking is very visible to see the fresh things being cooked there and then.

As I have tasted several such dishes at various restaurants in Lahore and Islamabad. I think I will give my full marks to Zenose Restaurant in Islamabad when it comes to the taste of the food.

In case if you are living in Islamabad then there are pretty good chances that you may have tried it.

But if you are coming from any other city or from another country, then my recommendation is to try Zenose Restaurant in Islamabad, only if you want authentic good food taste.

However, as far as the ambiance is concerned, please keep your expectations low. This way you may enjoy pure food quality only.

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