Find The Right Job Which You Can Enjoy and Can Make You Flourish

But. It is not That Easy!

Looking to Find The Right Job

How To Find The Right Job

Let's ask this question to ourselves, how to find the right job?  It is a question many do not want to answer. And even more so, they do not want to question.

They think job is just a means of a livelihood. Period. Nothing more nothing less.

The employer hires you, tells you what to do and when you do that you get paid at the end of the month and you pay your bills and move on with your life.

With all this, are we missing out something? Have we answered everything what is required to live a good life. This thinking may only start when you face a burnout in your job, you feel not up to the mark, you start getting bored in your job, you are not paid much, nor any increments and nor any impressive bonuses. Your job seems like a dead end. You start getting a bit irritating and long for the holidays to relax and unwind.

What is going on in this situation. To some, it is normal. This is how life is all about, they think.

How Successful People Found Their Right Jobs

Was it the same for Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Syndey Sheldon, Dan Brown, Shakespeare, Mozart, Mirza Ghalib, Allama Iqbal, and many more. The answer is NO.

They refused to do what is called just a job. They discovered their own true potential and inherent talents. They wanted to pursue those, because they felt that it creates the best fulfilment for them when they do activities which they really like.

The result is that they flourished and became hugely successful and at the same time completely satisfied from within.

People Who Could Not Find Their Right Jobs

At the same time, it is also to be noted that when we mention some of the big successful names, it is all the more important that there are many hundreds of thousands of people who also tried to find their right jobs and what they wanted in life; becoming actor, singer, writer, business person or anything else, but they failed miserably and were impoverished, and when they could not sustain financially, they left the idea of doing your own thing and reverted to some safe setting of finding an ordinary job which could provide them with the safe pay check at the end of the month. So it is not always necessary to find the right job in the first place.

How to resolve such a scenario of not finding the right job in life. Frankly speaking, everything may not be fully resolved. Sometimes we hit a gravity problem issue, due to some circumstances, things just can’t be changed much, and one must live through it, perhaps there comes the element of fate.

We can only work with the things which we can control and change. Though we may not be fully confident of the results.

What matters most is that one must try with full conviction and hard work. And if in the end having given enough time, it doesn’t work the way you want it, you may leave and revert to some safe mode. But of course, the regret of not having tried will not haunt you in the future.

Little Bit of Advice – On How to Find The Right Job

In my opinion, I think the right advice is important, but people in Pakistan are inherently averse in taking such wisdom and they think they know it all. This is from where the problem starts and continues in their lives and is never fixed and never fully embraced and compromised.

In Pakistan, we don’t like to discuss much of our personal problems with strangers, and perhaps life coach is also considered an outsider for them.

Even when we go to a doctor, we don’t like to speak much and assumes that doctor should just do his or her job to provide us the prescription to cure the ailment.

The cure only happens when the patient cooperates and shares all the possible symptoms and issues underneath so that doctor should be able to pinpoint and target the ailment precisely to cure it.

There is another innovative and data driven way to find the right job with the help of Six Sigma. For more details you can also read this article 'Six Sigma For Career Planning'

The difference between the advance world and the developing world is not only lack of money, but also lack of the education and the right mindset which helps to open up and see things objectively and find the right solutions either with your own wisdom or with some other expert’s help.

Summing It Up

It is important to share and say it out when there is problem. We can’t fix what we don’t accept. Living a fulfilling life is important for our mental and physical health. Work is one of the major components of our lives. If it is not addressed properly, we stumble and fall again and again.

The main issue is to get it resolved and move on to find the right job with better results, and internal satisfaction living a holistic full life in every way possible.

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