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Turn Your Hobbies Into Profits!

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Do actually internet business success stories exist ? Can you really turn your hobbies into profits?

These questions are asked many times all over the world in every country, and also it has been answered many times (wrong or right).

Well the truth lies in between. Majority of the people are still unsuccessful and keep on dreaming if they could turn their hobbies into profits. Hardly a few have been able to actually turn it into profits.

Based on those few successful case studies, many scamsters and fraudsters have looted ordinary people by manipulating the truth and converting it into fake promises of ‘Earning overnight riches’ to people by selling their sub standard money-making products.

It takes knowledge and wisdom to understand that there is actually no overnight riches in this world (except the lotteries & inherited wealth).

There is always some amount of hard work involved.

The reason behind the few internet business success stories in this world rests on another truth. Majority of us do not have the aptitude to work hard and we just try to find easy and quick solutions and fixes. So sometimes the fault may not be in the product, but may be in us. We have to be bold to embrace this harsh truth. But we keep finding someone else to shift the blame.

How To Turn Your Hobbies Into Profits!

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Now comes the issue how to turn your hobbies into profits. The good news is that it can very well happen, provided there should be two conditions.

  1. System: The solid reliable and credible system that should take your hand and guide you how to do it (with quality training).
  2. You: Your own willingness and commitment to consistently work hard through it.

If you think you are ready for your part of giving the required commitment and hard work, let me share the true internet business success stories of those people who have actually done it and are now successful and are earning thousands of dollars sitting at home.

These internet business success stories pertain to those people who with very little investment of money but huge investment of time and commitment have established successful online businesses on the internet.

The internet business has the huge advantage. It is not restricted only to USA, Europe or any other advanced country. Internet business can be started in any developing country.  

It is surprising to note that most of the people in such countries are not aware of such fruitful information about the internet business opportunities which exist in the internet world.

Please do understand that doing any kind of offline business whether you open a restaurant, a shop in Lahore or any other trading business, it requires lots of capital investment, your time and commitment and despite that you will get results after some time (may be a year or two). Same will happen with the internet business as well. Only with an exception that with a very less capital investment but more commitment and hard work will be required.

If you are ready for this, then take time to know about those ordinary people who took that risk to start their internet business using their passions and hobbies and converting it into internet business success stories.

Five Internet Business Success Stories ... (Revealed)

Internet Business Success Stories Income generation in dollars

There are hundreds of internet business success stories. We bring to you only five summarized case studies on the internet business success stories due to the factor that I want to keep it lean and do not want to divert your focus.

The reasons to share these internet business success stories is to show that there are real people who with their simple and modest ideas combined with lots of commitment and persistence made it a success.

These case studies are from ordinary people who with their patience and perseverance started with simple website which now has turned into a full fledged online business enterprise for them.

They have used Solo Build it (SBI) tool to their advantage which has helped them train as well as achieve self fulfilling success.

Crystal Maleski -

Crystal, a non-techie, turned her passion for cooking into a successful online business. She is our first success story in our internet business success stories series. We provide the gist of her story, how she did it.

It all started with some e-mails to friends about easy dinner ideas. Now this Work at Home Mom (WAHM), with four teenage kids all in sports, loves how she can work whenever and wherever she wants.

She started a website with absolutely no knowledge about building a site. She didn't know anything about graphics, or how to build a site that can be found on a Google search.

Crystal now has a successful e-business completely managed being at home.

As she says, 'Best of all, this is a way for me to work at home doing something that I love and I can still be available to my family. I wake up excited every morning. There is nothing like the sense of accomplishment that I feel when I learn something new or master a new skill.'

You can visit Crystal website here:

Sara Ding -

Sara, a single mom in search of extra income to make ends meet, tried several Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) businesses with no success. She knew exactly the reason why... Sara doesn't like to "sell."

Now she lets her site's information about healthy juices (her passion!) do the "PREselling" for her. Her MLM juice extractor business is taking off -- almost daily enquiries about her product, a growing downline, and multiple income streams are underway. Sara was even invited to make a presentation at her MLM company's meeting for top performers. Not bad for a mom who doesn't like to sell!

She had a demanding full-time job, working as an office administrator with an international company. But when her marriage crumbled, she found myself desperately in need of extra income.

At the time, she tried her hand at various part-time businesses and joined many MLM companies to earn more money. But none was successful, because she didn't know how to sell.

So she continued her search. Working a full-time job was hard enough for a single mom, so she didn't want to have to take up a second job and be away from her children more than necessary. She started looking for something she could do from home, after office hours.

She turned to the internet and read everything she could about "working from home." She even dabbled with "home typing," "online surveys," "mystery shopping," "data entry," etc. She soon got tired of the long hours and very little or almost no income. And one day, she found Solo Build It (SBI) which sounded exciting but with little skepticism and hesitation she wanted to try it and then there was no stopping and no turning back.

Eventually she developed a successful online business that earns her good monthly income every month. And on top of it she is writing about something which she loves.

You can visit Sara' website here:

Shaun Fawcett - WritingHelp-Central

This bureaucrat turned to the Internet  for his "last shot at financial and career freedom."

In all, he has written, published and sold 10 books, online and off. He has given one of the most inspirational internet business success stories especially for those who are looking for any kind of retirement income.

He had a 25 year career with the Canadian government. The sad thing about those 25 years spent as a civil service bureaucrat was that it was not a perfect fit for him. He never felt comfortable in that milieu, but over time he just got very good at faking it.

He said, 'There was always a part of me that I kept buried most of the time, that wanted to be more than a just another nameless and faceless cubby-hole-dweller; I always had the feeling deep inside that I was capable of more'.

Truth be told; for all of those years he was actually the spirit of a small time entrepreneur trapped inside the mind and body of a government administrator. In many ways it was a difficult, soul destroying, and spirit extinguishing experience for him.

Over the years he did make a couple of false-starts at escaping that situation and going out on his own, but life circumstances and fear always seemed to conspire against him so he never went through with it.

And then a situation arrived where the break was made for him. He decided that he would take one last shot at going solo before throwing in the towel and giving up his dream of career and financial independence.

Eventually one day he found Solo Build It (SBI) to his help. He jumped on it and then never looked back. He now owns a successful internet business which makes him money every month.

You can visit Shaun's website here:

Louann Shenberger -

Health concerns forced Louann to resign from a much-loved full-time position managing a florist shop and handling wedding contracts. But she wasn't financially ready to take early retirement.

Flash forward and Louann is now the proud owner of a thriving e-commerce business where she teaches brides how to create their own wedding flowers and provides the supplies they need to accomplish that goal.

A florist wholesaler was so impressed with her site's traffic and sales growth that he drop ships Louann's orders, which means that she has access to a warehouse full of products that she doesn't have to spend a dime on until she sells them!

She began working in a flower shop in late 1994. Although she did all kinds of design work, her heart was in love with wedding flowers. She eventually found herself managing a full time shop, plus handling all the wedding work.

Health began to catch up with her as she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. She couldn't take the long hours and heavy lifting, so reluctantly she resigned her position in the fall of 2006.

She was eager to begin caring for her first grandchild, but knew she should be contributing to their finances as retirement loomed over her husband and herself.

When she stumbled across SBI!, she was extremely skeptical at that time due to all of the "get rich" schemes being touted on the internet. If it was so easy to make thousands on the internet, why were they bothering to show them to me?

'SBI!, on the other hand, seemed different. In fact, their sales page seemed to caution that if I was looking for fast money, this wasn't for me! Their "sales pitch" made a lot of sense to me, cautioning that it took time and skill to build a quality business. (I was cautious enough to visit the BBB first, making sure there were no complaints against SBI!.)'

She liked the fact that she could actually e-mail real websites directly and ask their owners what they thought of their SBI! experience. These people seemed to have nothing to gain personally by responding to her and this seemed a lot more real than those "quotes" you see on the other sites!

Convinced that SBI! was for real, she wavered on clicking the "Buy" and committing herself $299 seemed like an enormous investment for her at that time. But she took a deep breath and plunged in, already knowing that she wanted her niche to be built around wedding flowers. That was her area of expertise and passion.

Her first year in sales were over $12,000 and the following year she more than doubled it with over $32,000 in sales. She anticipated continued growth and had great satisfaction in knowing that her business was growing by leaps and bounds.

Despite heath concerns Louann made it a success to be featured in our internet business success stories.

You can visit Louann's website here:

Jim Nelson -,

Jim Nelson's story shows how he uses SBI! to sell hard goods so effectively. Jim started by selling hand-made juggling balls (knitted at home by his 90 year-old mother!). Now he sources products internationally, selling to customers in every state and on every continent.

He had several ideas for an SBI! site. He wanted to fly, but the Action Guide told her to crawl. Luckily, he followed the Action Guide, step by step (as the friendly little man with the whip).

He took his time with the brainstorming, eliminating several ideas. After working through the Action Guide, with several ideas, the idea of a juggling site became obvious. My favorite hobby, juggling, was a niche that I knew!

You can visit Jim's website here:

Summing Up

The above 5 internet business success stories are just a tip of the iceberg. There are hundred and thousands of real people internet business success stories. But it takes time to find those real people at one place.

We believe every one can make his or her own internet business success story, if you want to and put your mind to it.

You can really benefit from this e-business system called SBI (Solo Build It) with your own creative ideas.

If you want to know more about what Solo Build It (SBI), you can also check out the detailed article on Solo Build here. 

In case you are in haste to know about more Internet Business Success Stories by the real ordinary people, then you can jump straight to that as well.

Get the inspiration and then think about yourself whether you are willing to go through that system of success and achieve your desired success.

Success has many parameters to succeed. But the surest one is to 'take a start'. Without that nothing gets done! Why not now plan to become an addition in the internet business success stories.

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